“Graceful Family” Starring Im Soo Hyang, Lee Jang Woo, And More Introduces Its Secretive Characters

MBN and Dramax’s upcoming series “Graceful Family” has unveiled new images that provide insight into the characters ahead of its first episode!

“Graceful Family” is a mystery melodrama about a wealthy heiress and a passionate neighborhood lawyer who work together to uncover the truth behind the murder of her mother 15 years ago.

The newly released images introduce the drama’s eight main characters.

Im Soo Hyang looks glamorous as Mo Seok Hee, the only daughter of MC Group. Her description reads, “With dazzling visuals and a sexy brain, she has all kinds of wealth but is still quite wicked. She hides a restless and scary fixation to finding the truth behind secrets, getting herself into endless incidents and accidents.”

Lee Jang Woo stars as Heo Yoon Do, a third-rate neighorhood lawyer and a member of the TOP Team. His introduction reads, “A man that is more resilient than a weed! He stands alone without even a rotten rope to help him. He is surrounded by many secrets and truths as he goes from a neigborhood lawyer to a member of the TOP team. To him, is Mo Seok Hee his destiny or downfall?”

Bae Jong Ok takes on the role of the charismatic head of the TOP Team, Han Je Gook. She is described as, “A legendary figure at MC Group.” The description continues, “Without her, MC Group is nothing. She has pride as a king-maker and holds elegant secrets. Will she succeed in making the successor of MC Group?”

Lee Kyu Han plays Mo Wan Soo, a film director and the eldest son of MC Group. His description reads, “He grew up being compared to his younger brother Wan Joon and called the ‘eldest son that is 30 percent lacking.’ His desire to become the successor belatedly begins to grow.”

Kim Jin Woo plays Mo Wan Joon, the second son of MC Group and the representative director of a subsidiary. His introductory text reads, “An elite and extreme workaholic who got his MBA overseas and whose ambitions are as large-scale as his success. But when will the large secret he holds start to be uncovered?”

Gong Hyun Joo takes on the role of Mo Wan Joo’s wife and the daughter of a high-ranking official, Baek Soo Jin. Her description reads, “As a by-the-book woman raised under a strict household, she wants to divorce Wan Joo after making him the successor. She may seem like a good wife, but she has unreadable feelings. What might be her hidden ambition?”

Jung Won Joong plays Mo Cheol Hee, the CEO of MC Group. He is described, “The quick-witted and prideful CEO of a large corporation that is followed by women troubles. He does not betray any emotion regarding the group’s successor, but what is his secret that no one knows?”

Finally, Moon Hee Kyung looks dignified as Ha Young Seo, a former nurse and the wife of MC Group’s CEO. Her introduction reads, “While working as MC Group’s exclusive nurse, she seduced Mo Cheol Hee and became the madam of MC Group. Her goal is to make her son Wan Joon the successor, and she begins to clear all the obstacles that stand in her way.”

The first episode of “Graceful Family” airs August 21 at 11 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out a teaser here!

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