K-Dramas That Are Set To Make Exciting Returns With New Seasons

Dramas have the ability to connect to a wide variety of people. When a story is really good but the drama is over, it’s easy to feel the impact and the lasting impression they leave on us. While it’s not necessarily common for Korean dramas to return with multiple seasons, here are five memorable dramas that will keep their storylines going in upcoming seasons!


This 2016 detective drama is rightfully one of the highest-rated dramas in Korean cable TV history and tells the story of detectives from 2000 and 2015 who are able to communicate using a mysterious walkie talkie. The series stars Lee Je Hoon, Kim Hye Soo, and Jo Jin Woong, and is based on real-life crimes that happened in Korea. The drama’s writer, Kim Eun Hee, previously shared that she hopes to air a second season.

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“Kingdom” is a six-episode zombie apocalypse drama that is set in the Joseon dynasty period. Joo Ji Hoon plays the Crown Prince who must protect his citizens and his country, and Bae Doona plays a physician. Anticipation for another season rose immediately with the incredible cliffhanger from the season one finale. This series has already completed filming for the second season, which is set to premiere in 2020.

“Forest of Secrets”

Also known as “Stranger,” this drama tells the story of an emotionless prosecutor who works alongside a softhearted female detective to uncover the corrupt truth behind a serial murder case. It is also one of Korea’s highest-rated cable TV dramas and won the Grand Prize for television at the Baeksang Arts Awards. It stars Cho Seung Woo and Bae Doona, with the former also winning the Grand Acting Prize at the same award show. In his acceptance speech, Cho Seung Woo shared, “I hope ‘Forest of Secrets’ goes until season five. Please give it lots of support so it can become a series drama.”

“Chief of Staff”

This recently concluded drama tells the story of politicians and shows the sneaky and dangerous competition that happens away from the public eye. “Chief of Staff” boasts an impressive cast of Lee Jung Jae, Shin Min Ah, Jung Jin Young, Kim Kap Soo, Jung Woong In, Lee Elijah, and Kim Dong Jun, and has received lots of praise for its realistic portrayal of politics. Many viewers expressed disappointment that the show was only 10 episodes, but it will make a speedy return with season two this November.

“Arthdal Chronicles”

Although not technically a new season, “Arthdal Chronicles” is set to welcome part three later this week. This top-budget fantasy drama is about the mythical land of Arth where heroes write their own legends. It stars Jang Dong Gun, Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won, and Kim Ok Bin. Filming has already been completed for the final part of the series which will air on September 7.

Which drama’s return are you most excited for?

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