Choi Min Soo Receives Suspended Sentence For Retaliatory Driving

On September 4, the Seoul Southern District Court announced actor Choi Min Soo’s sentence for retaliatory driving.

Previously, Choi Min Soo denied accusations of allegedly passing a vehicle that had been in his way, making a sudden stop in front of it and deliberately causing a car accident on September 17, 2018. Choi Min Soo claimed that it was the victim who first caused the accident and that he was just trying to request safety measures from the other person. The actor was also accused of using insulting language against the female driver after the accident while trying to determine precisely what happened.

The court gave Choi Min Soo a prison sentence of six months suspended for two years of probation because he has no previous records of being punished by the law in a more severe form than fines. This means that if he commits an offense during the two-year probation period, he will serve out his prison sentence for six months.

On the incident, the court stated, “The defendant claimed that there was a danger of the victim causing a rear-end accident when both cars were moving. However, when looking at the video evidence, the possibility seems very low that the victim’s car would have caused a minor collision.”

They continued, “Regarding the insults, after collectively looking at the defendant’s statement and the surrounding situation, the defendant cut in in front of the victim’s car and made derogatory insults towards the driver’s seat, causing the victim to feel fear, so we can see this as an expression of derogation of character.”

While leaving the court, Choi Min Soo was asked whether he agreed with the sentence he received. He replied, “If the law says it is so, then it is so.” However, he also said, “I don’t accept or agree [with the results]. In life, there are times you meet situations or people who aren’t reasonable. Furthermore, in the case that the unreasonable person is a woman, it’s harder to deal with because I’m male.”

He continued, “When the witness appeared in court, they said that they received a lot of stress at work because I manipulated the media and the public. What public am I manipulating and what press am I instigating? Are there people like that here? Who can do that? How can they say such words thoughtlessly at the court?”

Furthermore, he said, “Just because ‘Choi Min Soo’ is someone who’s known to the public, they used what they thought was my weakness to say, ‘I’ll take you to the police station no matter what,’ ‘I won’t leave you alone,’ ‘Why did you come down from the mountain?’ ‘I’ll make it so that you can’t promote as a celebrity,’ and more. Who holds back after hearing those words? So I cursed with my finger, and I don’t regret it.”

Finally, Choi Min Soo concluded, “I’ll think about an appeal. I also don’t want to get dirt on myself.”

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