Results For Day 3 Of “2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships – Chuseok Special”

September 14 was the third and last day of “2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships – Chuseok Special“!

In the final part, idol athletes took part in horseback riding, penalty shootouts, and the female archery final.

Idols who joined the events this year included (G)I-DLE, EVERGLOW, ITZY, TWICE, GWSN, NATURE, DIA, DreamCatcher, LovelyzRed VelvetMOMOLAND, Berry Good, SATURDAY, IZ*ONE, Oh My GirlWJSNWeki Meki, LOONA, Cherry Bullet, fromis_9, Holics, 1TEAM, AB6IX, CIX, JBJ95, NCT 127NCT Dream, NOIR, SF9Stray Kids, VERIVERY, Golden ChildThe Boyz, DONGKIZ, D1CE, Limitless, GreatGuys, ASTRO, ONF, 1THE9, IMFACT, TREI, and PENTAGON. The main events were hosted by Super Junior’s Leeteuk, TWICE’s Dahyun, and Jun Hyun Moo.

Check out the results from day three below, and day one’s results here and day two’s results here!

Horseback Riding

In the preliminaries, MOMOLAND’s Hyebin went up against fromis_9’s Park Ji Won, and although Hyebin finished the course first, she unfortunately had four points subtracted because of a penalty, leading to Park Ji Won’s win. NOIR’s Yang Siha was up against JBJ95’s Kenta, and Kenta moved on to the next round. WJSN’s Dayoung and PinkFantasy’s Arang, and Arang moved on and the three joined The Boyz’s Ju Haknyeon in the semi finals.

The semifinals had Park Ji Won up against Kenta, and Arang up against Ju Haknyeon. Park Ji Won won over Kenta and Ju Haknyeon moved up to the finals, beating out Arang.

The finals were between Park Ji Won, Ju Haknyeon, and Berry Good’s Johyun, and Johyun won bronze with 92 points while Ju Haknyeon won silver with 96 points. Park Ji Won took home the gold medal with a perfect score of 100 points.

Penalty Shootouts

In the semifinals, Golden Child was up again ASTRO. Both teams ended the five shootouts with four goals in, leading to a sudden death match between them. ASTRO’s Rocky was able to land his goal, while also blocking Golden Child’s Daeyeol’s ball, allowing ASTRO to move on to the finals. NCT 127 was up against PENTAGON, and NCT 127 was able to score three goals. As PENTAGON had already missed three, that meant NCT 127 was going up to the finals.

The finals were between ASTRO and NCT 127, and the latter group had an amazing run, scoring four out of the five goals. As ASTRO had missed two goals while scoring two, they only had one turn left and it wasn’t enough to beat NCT 127. NCT 127 took home gold medals and ASTRO took home silver.

Archery Final – Girls

The final round for archery for female idols was between WJSN and Lovelyz. WJSN’s Eunseo, Exy, and Dayoung were up against Lovelyz’s Kei, Mijoo, and Yein. WJSN was able to get a solid win against Lovelyz with a score of 80 to 66 points.

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