Exclusive: Epik High Brings Classic Hits And Hilarious Jokes For A Truly Epic Singapore Concert

Epik High was in Singapore as part of their Epik High 2019 tour, which had played in over 4 continents and over 30 countries. Their latest stop and first-ever stand-alone concert in Singapore was held at the Hard Rock Hotel’s The Coliseum on a hazy Saturday, but that did not dampen the fans’ spirits one bit. The show featured a mix of the band’s nostalgic hip hop classics like “One” and “1분 1초 (1 Minute 1 Second),” as well as more recent songs like “Burj Khalifa” and “No Thanxxx.”

The group opened the concert with the melancholic track “In Seoul” from their latest album “Sleepless in __________.” Tablo promised fans that any worry, stress, or heartbreak they were facing would be gone by the end of the night.

After a dramatic introduction of the members, Epik High went on to perform more songs from their latest album like “Eternal Sunshine” which was Tablo’s favorite track on the album. The concert also included one of their newer hits “LOVEDRUNK,” whose title translates to “alcohol is sweet,” referencing the sweet escape that alcohol provides to bitter moments. Prior to this, Mithra Jin thought it befitting to share with High Skools about how thankful and blessed he felt being able to perform in Singapore and see all their fans up close.

As the audience was mostly English-speaking, Mithra Jin’s heartfelt speech had to be translated by Tablo, and this is the gist of what the audience received:

“When I was four years old and living in the wilderness alone… I prayed very hard for somebody to love me… with only the plants and animals as my friends… and only they love me… but tonight thanks to Singapore, I felt true love!”

For more hilarious translations by Tablo:

Alongside Mithra Jin’s long journey to find love and a slew of other comedic moments, were energetic performances of songs like “KILL THIS LOVE“, “HAPPEN ENDING“, and “High Technology,” which got all the fans jumping and singing along with the group. DJ Tukutz also got the opportunity to show off his impressive dance skills after being dubbed “the Inventor of K-Pop Dance” by Tablo.

Epik High ended the concert with fan favorites “Fan,” “BORN HATER,” and “Don’t Hate Me,” and reluctantly bid the Singapore High Skools farewell with a promise that they will return again in 2020!

Outside of the concert, the group also took some time to travel around Singapore and had the chance to try chilli crab, the winning vote for Tablo’s Twitter poll on what food to eat in the city.

If you’re still pining for more Epik High, check out our exclusive interview with group ahead of their concert here!

Special thanks to CK Star Entertainment for the photos and the invite!

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