12 Boy Group Covers Of Girl Group Songs That Had Us Hoping For Studio Versions

It’s always amazing when idol groups perform covers of other groups’ songs because fans get the chance to see an entirely new twist on their favorite bops. Covers also mean that groups get to try out concepts that they might not otherwise. There’s something especially awesome about boy groups covering girl group songs, though; perhaps it’s the peppy energy that girl group pieces often bring or the added dimension of lower voices on melodies we already know and love. Whatever the reason may be, these 12 covers do justice to the ladies that originally sung them and are deserving of a studio release in their own right!

1. DAY6’s TWICE medley

This group is well known for amazing covers, and there’s hype for a reason! DAY6 can take any pop tune and put their own special spin on it, often rearranging accompaniment or even melody lines for a sound that stays true to the original while still incorporating the rock feel that is so uniquely DAY6. This cover in particular stands out because of the gorgeous instrumental line the group bring to the song, as well as the way that each song flows smoothly to the next while somehow retaining the three distinct musical concepts of the original TWICE bops. We didn’t know we needed an R&B remix of “Knock Knock” until we heard it!

2. Stray Kids’ cover of TWICE’s “Fancy”

Stray Kids and TWICE are the perfect recipe for some truly incredible covers; not only are they both under JYP Entertainment, but they are both nine-member groups as well! They’ve done vocal and dance renditions of numerous TWICE hits in the past, including “Like Ooh-Ahh” and “Dance the Night Away.” This cover of “Fancy” showcases their honey-smooth vocals particularly well, and the lowered key is surprisingly pleasant. Plus, maknae I.N’s “fancy, ooh!” is just too cute to handle!

3. Stray Kids’ cover of BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last”

It would be wrong to talk about Stray Kids covers and not mention this stunning arrangement of BLACKPINK‘s “As If It’s Your Last.” A throwback from their pre-debut survival show, members Bang Chan, Woojin, and Han solidified Stray Kids’ place as rookies to remember with their version of the song during the vocal competition between YG and JYP trainees. From Woojin’s breathtaking high note and Jisung’s impressive rap to the goosebump-inducing harmonies, everything about this cover is mind-bogglingly flawless.

4. A.C.E’s cover of BLACKPINK’s “Stay”

Stray Kids aren’t the only group with an amazing pre-debut cover of a BLACKPINK song — A.C.E shook the K-pop world with this cover of “Stay” back in 2016, several months before their debut. The track highlights the group’s soothing vocals (even the rappers show off some gorgeous harmonies!), and the resulting cover is perfect for when you just need to take some time to chill out. Fun fact: they also have a cover of BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire” that is… well, fire!

5. Wanna One’s cover of BLACKPINK’s “Whistle”

The last BLACKPINK cover on this list belongs to Wanna One, and although performed more casually and spontaneously, it’s just as amazing! Members Minhyun, Bae Jin Young, Kim Jae Hwan, and Kang Daniel performed a karaoke version of “Whistle” on “Happy Together” and impressed everyone with not only their coordination as a group but their ability to sing the song in its original key! “Whistle” is a bop in and of itself, but this cover left us hoping and praying for a full Wanna One rendition too. Even Sunmi was hyped by it!

6. Samuel x MXM x The Boyz x Stray Kids’ cover of MOMOLAND’s “BBoom BBoom”

This cover blessed us all with a collab stage between some of the best up-and-coming rookies of the era, including “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants Samuel and MXM. They bring such a fun, bright energy to the already upbeat MOMOLAND track, and the low tones of Stray Kids rappers Hyunjin and Han are an unexpected but cool addition to the song. We need a studio release, ASAP!

7. BTOB’s cover of MAMAMOO’s “You’re the Best”

The members of BTOB and MAMAMOO are known for their friendship IRL, so it makes sense that they’d cover each other’s songs. (The ladies did their own amazing rendition of BTOB’s “It’s Okay” for their special stage, in case you were wondering.) This version of “You’re the Best” lives up to the powerful vibes of the MAMAMOO original, and the harmonies are every bit as flawless as you’d expect from the musical genius that is BTOB. Real friendship is being able to slay your song and your bestie’s, too!

8. UP10TION’s cover of SONAMOO’s “I Like U Too Much”

UP10TION‘s version of SONAMOO‘s “I Like U Too Much” is the definition of vocal duality: the switch between the dulcet high notes of the vocal line to the deep rap section and then right back again is totally mind-blowing, and it definitely makes this cover one to remember. This song is also the perfect way to showcase UP10TION’s versatility; it’s proof that they can pull off cool, sophisticated concepts as well as cute, cheerful ones with awe-inducing ease. The only question is: where is the studio release?!

9. The Boyz’ cover of Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys”

We couldn’t have thought of a more perfect cover ourselves — The Boyz covering Girls’ Generation‘s track of the same name! They rocked the KCON Thailand stage with this cover last year, perfectly capturing the early-2010s essence of the original song while bringing their own fresh vocals and energetic dance moves. They did justice to the K-pop icon that is Girls’ Generation and showcased their own undeniable talent at the same time. The result: pure perfection!

10. The Boyz’ cover of TWICE’s “Cheer Up”

The Boyz are basically pros at girl group covers at this point, so this list would be incomplete without their cover of “Cheer Up” from earlier this year. Something about the lower vocal range really brings out the underlying harmonies in the track, giving listeners a chance to hear a side of the TWICE bop that can’t be caught as easily in the original. Plus, Haknyeon’s rendition of Sana’s iconic “shy shy shy” is equal parts endearing and heart-meltingly adorable!

11. GOT7’s cover of Apink’s “Mr. Chu”

This performance from early in GOT7‘s career can easily be described in one word: ICONIC. Both the Apink original and this cover are completely unforgettable, and GOT7’s version definitely deserves a studio release as well. It’s such a dramatic departure from their usual swaggy or suave concepts, but the members managed to bring the same charm and energy that GOT7 fans adore them for. This was a Christmas special from back in 2014, but it would be great to have a Christmas 2019 release!

12. SEVENTEEN’s medley of girl group hits

Another cover for the ages: this performance may be from 2016, but we haven’t stopped hoping for a studio release since! From SEVENTEEN‘s adorable rendition of Girl’s Generation’s “Lion Heart” to their hype version of Red Velvet‘s “Ice Cream Cake” and the snippet of GFRIEND‘s “Rough” in between, this cover medley is a tribute to SEVENTEEN’s incredible versatility and performance prowess. And besides, we couldn’t possibly end this list without a track from K-pop’s cover kings!

What’s your favorite K-pop cover? Are there any songs you’d like to see your favorite group do? Tell us in the comments section!

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