DreamCatcher Talks About Making Comeback With Game Collab, Support From Dal Shabet, And Competing On “V-1”

DreamCatcher talked about taking on a new challenge for their comeback, how they were cheered on by their friends in Dal Shabet, and more!

On September 18, DreamCatcher held a showcase as they made a comeback with their special mini album “Raid of Dream.” The album is a collaboration with the mobile game King’s Raid.

The members of Dal Shabet, DreamCatcher’s former label mates at Happyface Entertainment, came to the showcase venue early to cheer them on. DreamCatcher said, “When we heard that all the members of Dal Shabet were coming, we got goosebumps all over because we were so happy. They all hugged us and said we look pretty.”

JiU continued, “I told them that I was nervous, and they supported me by saying, ‘What could there be for DreamCatcher to be nervous about? Since you always do a good job, if you just do it like usual, then it will all be fine.'”

The members also talked about making a comeback with a game collaboration. Siyeon said that she was pleased when the news was shared about their collaboration.

“I’ve been saying that I want to do a game OST, so when I found out that we were making a song together with King’s Raid, I thought it was great,” said Siyeon. “I even thought, ‘I suppose anything can happen if you say it.’ Since it’s a new challenge for us, it feels refreshing and exciting.”

The group is also going for a new style musically this time. “The key point of this song is the mix of the calm piano melody with the orchestration behind it,” said JiU. “Our previous songs started from the beginning with sounds that had metal elements, but this song starts off calmly.”

Siyeon was also asked about recently appearing on the girl group vocalist competition show “V-1,” on which she came in second place. “Although I didn’t win, it was such an honor to be the runner-up,” said Siyeon. “I was second in the pre-voting too, so I’m sincerely grateful to the people who continued to show so much support.”

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