Police Say They Can’t Find Evidence Of Yang Hyun Suk Mediating Prostitution

On September 20, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Provincial Special Detective Division revealed their plans to forward a recommendation of non-indictment for Yang Hyun Suk regarding suspicions of mediating prostitution.

Yang Hyun Suk as well as the three other individuals who were booked on suspicions of prostitution mediation will have a recommendation of non-indictment forwarded to the prosecution later today.

The police were investigating three different periods in relation to the prostitution mediation suspicions. These instances were suspected to have taken place in July, September, and October 2014.

A source from the police said, “There were no testimonies that said sexual relations took place in Korea on July 9, 2014. However, there was a testimony that sexual relations took place overseas on October 2014. It was difficult to evaluate that instance as prostitution when putting together other participants’ testimonies and considering the vacation-like atmosphere.”

Following the search and seizure investigation of YG Entertainment’s financial accounts, police sources revealed that while they found money transfers, there were not enough materials to prove the prostitution mediation suspicions.

From July to October 2014, there were receipts that confirmed Yang Hyun Suk met with investors from Southeast Asia. However, there are no receipts that can be directly connected to prostitution. Furthermore, it was revealed that the investors paid for most of the entertainment expenses themselves while visiting Korea.

The police added that they have not been able to directly investigate businessman Jho Low because he is currently a fugitive wanted by Interpol.

Earlier in May, MBC’s “Straight” reported on suspicions of Yang Hyun Suk mediating prostitution for foreign investors. Yang Hyun Suk was officially booked on suspicions of prostitution mediation in July.

A source from the police explained, “We have finished investigating everyone including the 13 women who attended the meeting in Korea and the 10 women who accompanied them overseas. We confirmed the women through entry and departure information and checked the testimonies of the women who attended the meeting in Korea.”

The source continued, “Due to the issue of the statute of limitations, we forwarded a recommendation for non-indictment based on the results of the investigation until now and considering the time the prosecution needs to review the case. The prosecution will make a final decision through further investigation.”

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