Management SOOP Shares Update On Legal Action Against Malicious Comments

Management SOOP has released an official statement regarding the status of their legal action against those who have written malicious and defamatory posts about its artists.

The following is the full statement from Management SOOP:

We hereby make a notice.

Our agency determined that thoughtless and malicious comments and actions taken by malicious commenters towards our agency’s actors have reached a level that cannot be overlooked. In order to protect our actors, we are currently working with the law firm Jipyong to take legal action.

First, in the case of Gong Hyo Jin, we are getting ready to file a complaint after gathering data and evidence. In the case of Suzy, we have already filed a complaint based on the gathered evidence through the law firm.

Here are the cases for which legal action has been completed.

Last year, we filed a complaint against a malicious commenter who harassed Gong Yoo for a long time, and the malicious commenter was sentenced with a fine in April. In the case of Jung Yu Mi, we filed a complaint against the person who posted the malicious rumors, people who spread the rumors, and people who wrote malicious comments. People including the person who posted the rumors were recently sentenced with fines.

We will continue to monitor malicious comments that are made towards all our actors in addition to those who have been mentioned. If our agency discovers that slanderous actions such as posting groundless rumors, insults, and defamation have been made towards our artists, we will gather evidence and continue to take legal action regularly.

In addition, we strongly state that we will not make any settlements or show lenience regarding the above mentioned actions. Thank you.

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