Jin Se Yeon, Kim Min Kyu, Lee Si Eon, And More Attend 1st Script Reading For Upcoming Historical Fantasy

The cast of TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “Queen: Love and War” gathered for a script reading.

“Queen: Love and War” is a historical fantasy drama that tells the story of the cutthroat competition around the selection of the new queen, who is the only person in the kingdom who can have power without being related to the royal family.

On October 24, the drama released photos from its first script reading, which was attended by lead actors including Jin Se Yeon, Kim Min Kyu, Lee Si Eon, Lee Yul Eum, and Do Sang Woo, as well as director Kim Jung Min and writer Choi Soo Mi.

Jin Se Yeon has taken on the role of Kang Eun Bo, a woman who wants to become queen in order to find out the truth behind her twin sister’s murder. During the script reading, she brought the character to life by perfectly portraying the changes in the way Kang Eun Bo speaks as she goes from being a commoner to an appropriate candidate running for queen.

Kim Min Kyu will play Lee Kyung, a young king who had to suffer through an unimaginable hardship after being shot in the head. He raised anticipation by showing a wide range of emotions as someone who experiences the pain of love as well as confusion due to his position as king during a chaotic time period.

Lee Si Eon will take on the role of Wal, someone who doesn’t know his own name but knows the importance of money. The actor proved his extraordinary acting skills once again by freely portraying the character just the way he is.

Do Sang Woo transformed into Lee Jae Hwa, a man who suddenly goes from living in the streets to being the first in line to the throne. He dropped jaws as he naturally acted in his character’s dialect and managed to be humorous at the same time.

Lee Yul Eum will play Jo Young Ji, the daughter of the second state councilor Jo Heung Gyeon, who has been obsessed with king Lee Kyung ever since he saved her from bullies when they were just children. The actress perfectly immersed herself into the role of Jo Young Ji, a woman with a bright personality who chases after her true love.

The production team said, “The speed that the cast showed from the first script reading was great. The actors, who were already 100 percent in sync with their characters, fully immersed themselves into the story and poured out their passion for four hours. Please look forward to how the actors, who found [roles] that fit them perfectly, will complete ‘Selection.'”

“Queen: Love and War” will premiere on December 15 and air every Sunday.

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