All The Times We Wished We Were Eun Dan Oh In

Another week, another four episodes of “Extraordinary You” where we’re constantly impressed by Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) while also simultaneously being swooned by Ha Roo (played by SF9’s Rowoon, a.k.a RoSwoon). This week, Ha Roo not only gets back all his Ha Roo 1.0 memories but also gets more and more flashbacks to his sageuk style past. As for Dan Oh, her heart condition continues to worsen, but this doesn’t put a damper on her sunny disposition.

Whether it’s her aversion to cringe or her courage to grab on to opportunities, here are all the times we wished we had a little bit of Dan Oh in us too:

Warning: Spoilers for episodes 17-20 ahead.

When Dan Oh says no to cringe

Even though the drama is supposed to lean into the cheese, it’s still super refreshing when the characters voice out their exasperation at the unrealistic things that are happening or being said around them. And in “Extraordinary You,” we can always trust Dan Oh to point out the absurdities of her situation and give the writer a piece of her mind. In fact, she not only voices out her annoyance for the writer, she also holds herself and others around her (mostly Oh Nam Joo, played by Kim Young Dae) to the same no-nonsense standard. Honestly, I wish I was as level-headed as her when I was 18!

Say it louder, girl! 

When Ha Roo makes Dan Oh’s heart flutter

However… as level-headed as she is, she’s still not advanced enough to withstand Ha Roo’s charms.

Seriously, how relatable is her fangirling?

Whether it’s Ha Roo reassuring her that he won’t leave her again, or when he quickly offers her his shirt when he goes overboard with the water splashing, Ha Roo is a complete dream boat. Like we established before, this boy definitely has game. What makes him even more “dangerous” is that he knows the effect he has on Dan Oh, but he still turns his charm to max power around her. And when he’s done bombarding her with a series of heart-fluttering actions, he even cheekily asks her why she’s been especially shy around him. C’mon, Ha Roo, Dan Oh has a heart problem! You need to chill! (No, don’t chill.)

When Dan Oh doesn’t fall for the “jerk” trope

Most young girls probably go through a phase of thinking the bad guys are hot, or that we are the ones who will be able to “heal” them. But with age, we realize that, sometimes, the bad guys really are bad for us. And last week, while it seemed like Shadow Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook) was waaay less of a jerk than Stage Baek Kyung, he proves that he is still indeed, a jerk. (He literally throws a tantrum after losing to Ha Roo at tennis.)

Arguments can be made about his abusive upbringing and how he’s letting his jealousy get the better of him, but with the amount of times he brought up “character set-up” in this week’s episodes, it sure seems like he’s exploiting these set-ups as excuses for being mean to everyone. And now that we know he’s capable of being a decent human being, I can’t help but expect more from him. So kudos to Dan Oh for knowing that she deserves better yet also being a good enough friend to call out Baek Kyung for his actions.

In the meantime, can we order another pool dunk?

When Dan Oh has good, supportive friends

As the episodes progressed, one part of the drama that I really enjoyed was the friendship built between the three “self-aware” kids, namely Dan Oh, Ha Roo, and Do Hwa (Jung Gun Joo). These three musketeers are just so adorable together, and when Ha Roo finally gains back his memories this week, Do Hwa is just as excited as Dan Oh (maybe even more!).

Dan Oh also has a good friend in Shin Sae Mi (Kim Ji In), though, to be honest, this friendship has somewhat confused me. As level-headed as Dan Oh seems to be, I don’t remember her ever stopping Sae Mi or telling her off for bullying Yeo Joo Da (APRIL’s Naeun), which seems somewhat out-of-character for her. That being said, it’s clear how much both girls treasure each other’s friendship. And this week, when Dan Oh admits to Sae Mi that she likes Ha Roo, it’s hilarious how Sae Mi is less thrilled by the news and more panicky that her friend is cheating on her fiancè. That’s a true friend right there!

When Dan Oh takes the initiative

If there is one major takeaway from this week’s episodes, it’s that Dan Oh doesn’t need the guy to make the move. In episode 17, we see Ha Roo and Dan Oh’s hands constantly bumping into each other when walking side by side, and Dan Oh becomes so swept up in the moment she just goes in for the grab.

Then by the end of episode 20, when Ha Roo and Dan Oh finally reunite after being kept apart for nearly a month (the Stage keeps changing before they can run to each other), she is overwhelmed by all her feelings of longing as well as hearing Ha Roo’s confession (“I missed you” and “I like you”) and leans in for a quick kiss. Granted, both times she quickly pulls away and apologizes, but it’s so adorable that it prompts Ha Roo to take over anyway. I’m sure we could all use a bit of Dan Oh’s courage in taking the first step.

Beep beep, beep beep, goes her heart rate monitor. (Also, what are the chances that both dramas I’m watching right now have the same kissing/heart-rate-monitor-beeping scene back-to-back? LOL.)

Other important developments: 

A. After some ups and downs, Joo Da officially turns down Nam Joo.

B. Some of the kids are gaining self-awareness because they’re “recycled” characters. The writer is lazy and lacks creativity (the kids’ words, not mine), thus uses the same characters, plot points, even dialogues across different manhwas. As it turns out, Ha Roo was also Baek Kyung’s sidekick in “Trumpet Flower,” which is probably why he reverted to this set-up when he reappeared.

C. In trying to change the Stage, Ha Roo takes Dan Oh’s heart rate monitoring watch and places it on Sae Mi’s wrist. And though Dan Oh still collapses, when the actual Stage starts, the person Baek Kyung rushes in to save is… Sae Mi.

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