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This week on “Extraordinary You,” we are treated to more stories from the “Trumpet Flower” manhwa, and we learn some pretty important things about our characters, both sageuk and present. And through all that, our Ha Roo (SF9’s Rowoon) is still as swoony as ever and Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) is still as smitten with him as ever. Just how we like it!

Relatable Dan Oh is relatable. 

Here are some of the major things we learned in this week’s “Extraordinary You”:

Warning: Major spoilers from episodes 21-24. 

When we learn that Ha Roo can be pretty straightforward

And we love it! Look, sometimes there’s a lot of guesswork involved in a relationship, especially in the very beginning. But with Ha Roo, there’s no guesswork needed because he will straight up tell you what’s on his mind, and that’s just super sexy. He’ll tell you he’s holding your hand because he likes it; he’ll tell your friends he wants to be alone with you, and yes, he’ll even just admit to everyone that the two of you are dating. This side of Ha Roo is just icing on an already very yummy Ha Roo cake!

Also, this scene totally did me in:

Do Hwa hands Ha Roo a book and says, “You should study how to win over girls. That way, your love can blossom.

“Shall I…. study?” asks Ha Roo. She has a heart problem, Ha Roo! Stop saying stuff like this to her! 

When we learned more about what happened in “Trumpet Flower”

One of the biggest revelations in this week’s episodes is in relation to Dried Squid Fairy’s (Lee Tae Ri) backstory. And when I say relation, I am referring to his relationship with Baek Kyung – He is Baek Kyung’s older brother AND the nation’s King! Everything plays out largely the same in “Trumpet Flower” as it does in “Secret.” (The Writer really needs new ideas!). Prince Baek Kyung is manipulated into getting close to Dan Oh so that he can overthrow the King. And his plan works because Dan Oh does become smitten with him, that is, until she realizes he’s just using her and calls the engagement off. Meanwhile, because he has to do Prince Baek Kyung’s bidding, Ha Roo spends more and more time with Dan Oh, and with that, he gradually gains awareness too.

Vindictive old men are vindictive, no matter which century manhwa they’re in. 

When we learn that the self-aware squad is growing

We had our suspicions that there were more self-aware kids running around, and this week, our suspicions were confirmed. Both Yeo Joo Da (APRIL’s Lee Na Eun) and Baek Kyung’s step-brother Joon Hyun (Bae Hyun Sung) are self-aware too. And while Joon Hyun’s purpose hasn’t been fully revealed yet (I suspect he’s going to have a major reveal in the coming week), watching Joo Da gaining self-awareness has been a treat!

So far, as the “main heroine” of the manhwa, Joo Da has been written as the traditional (read: clichéd), candy-type female lead that needs a lot of saving. Stage Joo Da has been bullied for the bigger part of 20 episodes, so it is only more satisfying when Shadow Joo Da decides to fight back. And even better than watching her stand up to her bullies is seeing her realize she wants to be more than Oh Nam Joo’s (Kim Young Dae) girl. Joo Da is showing such character growth, and I couldn’t be prouder of her!

Louder for those sitting at the back!

When we realize that the screwdriver and craft knife actually had a purpose

Okay, show of hands. When we were shown this scene, did anyone else wonder why there were fabric and tools strewn around Ha Roo? Because I totally did! And for a second, I was disappointed in the show for so needlessly “decorating” the arts room so that it wouldn’t look empty. That is until I realized they actually all had a purpose! (I’m sorry for doubting you, “Extraordinary You”!)

All of this is part of Ha Roo’s master plan to bring the stars to Dan Oh. And it’s all as romantic as can be, with Ha Roo promising Dan Oh he’ll always find her wherever she is, topped with Stray Kids’ “Neverending Story” very fittingly playing over the scene. (I’m completely in love with this song now! The OST for this drama has been on point.)

BUT, Dan Oh’s response to Ha Roo is actually a word-for-word line she once said to him in “Trumpet Flower,” and it gave me chills the moment I heard it. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it feels somewhat troubling. Even though she’s supposed to be free-willed in the Shadow, she’s still saying lines the Writer wrote for her in a previous manhwa, which raises the question: How truly free-willed are they really?

When Baek Kyung realizes how the Shadow impacts the Stage

Dan Oh gets a preview of Baek Kyung proposing to her in front of the school, so the three musketeers hatch a plan to try and change the Stage. And while they try to change as many things in the Shadow as possible, Ha Roo is still forced to act his part when the Stage kicks in. He manages to break free and puts a stop to the proposal, but the Stage only just resets itself. Dan Oh is devastated until she realizes the “leads” for the Stage have now become their classmates! And instead, Dan Oh’s heart acts up, and she is sent to the nurse’s office.

This is when Baek Kyung finally figures out that what happens in the Shadow can still impact the Stage (and stand ins will be used) and why Ha Roo can change the stage (he can sneak onto the Stage without the Writer realizing because he’s just a lowly extra) but also that everything they do comes at a price. Dum dum duuuuum.

Though with all the revelations and answers the drama gave us this week, there is still one major unanswered question: Why on earth is Baek Kyung carrying those burnt pages everywhere??

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The Queen Dowager is the same person as Nam Joo’s mother, right? And what do you think Joon Hyun’s secret is? Discuss anything and everything about “Extraordinary You” with fellow Soompiers in the comments section below! 

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