Secret Celebrates 10th Anniversary At Jun Hyosung's Concert

Secret reunited to celebrate their 10th anniversary at Jun Hyosung’s concert!

Recently on December 28, Jun Hyosung held her solo fan concert “STARLIGHT,” and her former Secret teammates Jung Hana and Song Ji Eun attended the concert as special guests.

On her Instagram, Jun Hyosung posted photos of herself posing with Song Ji Eun and Jung Hana along with the hashtag “#Debut10thAnniversary.” On the post she wrote, “#Secret members, thanks so so much. And thank you to the many people who came to watch the concert during the busy end-of-year season. Thank you also to the people who couldn’t attend but sent congratulatory messages. It’s so nice to feel loved. Let’s give and receive even more [love] next year.”

Song Ji Eun also commented on the post, “I love you, unnie. Really, you are the coolest,” and underneath her comment, Jun Hyosung replied, “It’s thanks to the members!!! Thank you, our precious members!”

After debuting together in 2009 under TS Entertainment, Secret promoted as a four-member group up until 2016, when Han Sun Hwa announced her departure from both the group and the agency. Jun Hyosung, Song Ji Eun, and Jung Hana continued to promote as a group until early 2018, when both Song Ji Eun and Jun Hyosung left TS Entertainment and filed lawsuits to confirm the invalidity of their contracts with the agency. Recently in November, Jun Hyosung established her independent label JHS Entertainment and released a new digital single titled “Starlight.” The artist has also been confirmed to star in an upcoming tvN drama.

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