Roaring '20s: 5 K-Pop Concepts We'd Love To See Groups Try This Decade

January 2020 marks the start of a new beginning and a new decade, meaning that it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh those done-and-done-again concepts. After all, creativity has no limits! And with K-pop’s recent explosion in popularity both domestically and abroad, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Taking inspiration from the old and the new, here are five concepts and styles I’d love to see our favorite K-pop stars give a shot.

1. (19)’20s-inspired fashion

The 1920s was a big moment for fashion, both in Korea and globally. The industrialization of many countries and the beginnings of rapid trade meant that hip western fashions could meet traditional and elegant Eastern styles to create a look that was distinct to the era. Trends may come and go, but the re-popularization of vintage dress shows that some looks are timeless!

2. Movie-music videos

While this isn’t the first time Soompi has advocated for movie-inspired K-pop concepts, it’s worth another mention! Our favorite stars and our favorite films are a match made in heaven, and there’s no denying that the most interesting music videos to watch are the ones that have plot lines of their own. EXO’s most recent comeback MV is a perfect example, and while they’re certainly not the only ones, they’ve got the idea down!

3. Collabs, collabs, collabs

The recent success of Younha and BTS member RM’s collaboration track “Winter Flower” is further proof of what we already knew: there’s nothing better than seeing our favorite artists work together to release something incredible! While collaborations between solo artists are more common, it’d be really great to see some girl and boy groups mix it up with unit tracks featuring members from other groups. 2020 is already looking to be the year of the collab – let’s keep it going!

4. Acapella awesomeness

Those who were lucky enough to attend a concert on SuperM’s recent tour know how spine-chillingly awesome the acapella harmonies are. The intro to their as-of-yet-unreleased song “Dangerous Woman” features some incredible harmonization, and that may just be a sign that fans will see more in the future. Here’s to hoping that some of our other faves explore acapella in the coming decade as well!

5. Classical choreography

While we’re embracing some older fashions, why not take the dive into some truly classic techniques by embracing the grace and power of traditional dance? Elements of dances stemming from East Asia combined with more modern styles would make for some truly stunning choreography. Luckily for us, there are plenty of artists who are already well-versed in the art of classical dance to get things started!

Are there any concepts or styles you’d like to see in 2020 and beyond? Sound off in the comments!

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