A Refreshing Showbiz Drama: 4 Reasons To Watch C-Drama “The Brightest Star In The Sky”

Starring rapper Z.Tao and actress Wu Qian, “The Brightest Star in the Sky” is the story of Yang ZhenZhen, a young woman who’s passionate about music and becomes the assistant of top star Zhen BoXu. While this synopsis certainly doesn’t make for anything novel, “The Brightest Star in the Sky” manages to offer a refreshing take on the usual tropes, mainly by striving for realism. And although the show certainly suffers here and there from the usual lack of means in this type of production, there are several reasons why you should give it a chance.

A compelling male lead

Zheng Boxu, played by singer Z.Tao, is everything but your typical showbiz drama lead. Most of those feature an arrogant, narcissistic, overbearing, and self-centered star who can’t be bothered to give a thought to the people around him and treats his harried staff like trash. Well, you know what? Zheng Boxu may be a brat, he may be arrogant and narcissistic, but he’s also quite soft-spoken and isn’t afraid of apologizing or speaking up against a perceived injustice. This character trait, which become apparent quite early in the show (within the first few episodes, actually), is not dependent on his love interest’s influence either, which is rare.

A down-to-earth female lead

The problem with showbiz dramas is that, more often than not, the female lead is a pure, innocent young woman who gets trampled by everyone and their mother as soon as she starts making waves. She often also has a bad tendency to give people chances over and over again, and just… let things happen and cries afterwards. Yang ZhenZhen is no such victim. Indeed, she’s not afraid of talking back to her superiors (oh, the sass, people!), which leads to some beautiful jibes on her part. ZhenZhen and BoXu make for a dynamic duo, both gleefully indulging in a game of teasing push and pull that will certainly bring a smile to your face.

Competent people

Be it the CEO, the PR department head, or the police, the people in this drama are competent. There are a few exceptions, of course, but it’s especially striking to see that the male lead’s former assistant had to be replaced not because she was fired, not because she was incompetent or because her charge was unbearable, but rather because, as happens in life, her character and his were completely incompatible. Don’t expect the people in charge to start yelling and hitting people at the slightest mistake. No, they’ll calmly sit down and discuss the problem until they can find a solution. And you know what this means? It means that the female lead does not, in fact, get blamed for everything that goes wrong.

No, in fact, her elders teach her so that she can learn from her mistakes and grow up as a person and as a professional, too.

Good music

In a drama where both male leads are singers, it would be a real pity for the soundtrack not to be up to par. But it turns out that every single scene that features them singing has a great song (I’m thinking for example of Zhang Wei’s “Smile,” which grabs attention as soon as he starts singing, or Z.Tao’s “Beggar,” which is also the title song of the drama).

With good tunes, a strong female lead, an atypical male lead, and a clear competency kink, “The Brightest Star in the Sky” makes for a really, really good surprise.

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