Stars Who Turned Down Lucrative Ads To Stay True To Themselves

The number of ads a celebrity has filmed is often used as an index of a star’s popularity.

When a celebrity’s popularity rises, they are offered numerous advertisements with high price tags. Some even give in to the temptation and go on to endorse questionable products and companies.

Continue reading about stars who said no in order to stand strong for their beliefs.

Lee Hyori

After debuting in 1998 as a member of Fin.K.L, Lee Hyori took Korea by storm as she gained massive popularity as a solo artist. She filmed many ads in the 2000s before making the announcement in 2012 that she would no longer be appearing in commercial ads.

Since then, Lee Hyori has rejected all ads and has continued to do so even in 2017 when she was offered ads worth 3 billion won (approximately $2.6 million) at the height of her popularity from “Hyori’s Homestay.” During her appearance on “Radio Star,” Lee Hyori stated that she would consider endorsing campaigns for public interest such as environmental issues and water conservation.

Jo Jin Woong

Signal” star Jo Jin Woong turned down an ad for a company located in Japan.

The employees met with Jo Jin Woong’s wife in order to persuade him, but she stated, “My husband has a reason for why he’s not doing it. I don’t have a reason to persuade my husband.”

Baek Jong Won

The famous chef and CEO, devoted to helping alleyway restaurants, has turned down many ads because of his wife So Yoo Jin.

In 2013, during his appearance on “Healing Camp,” Baek Jong Won said, “I received many ad offers for home appliances such as refrigerators, but my wife So Yoo Jin advised, ‘Practice self-control at these times.’ In the end, I gave up on all of the ads.”

Park Hyuk Kwon

This actor gained lots of popularity after portraying Gil Tae Mi in “Six Flying Dragons,” but turned down ads due to his beliefs.

He stated, “Is it a given for an actor to film ads? I’m not sure yet.” Park Hyuk Kwon turned down all offers for various endorsements including cosmetics, outdoor wear, home appliances, and insurance.


“Show Me the Money 5” winner BeWhy has filmed a small number of ads despite his popularity. It was previously reported that BeWhy was offered a large sum of money to endorse artificial flavor enhancing seasoning, but he rejected it because of the nature of the product.

Ha Jung Woo

The actor inadvertently became a mukbang (eating broadcast) star for creating mouthwatering scenes in his films. Ha Jung Woo, however, turned down all food-related ads.

He stated, “I felt that it might bring down my sincerity in acting. I only want to act out eating scenes in acting projects.”

Celeb Five

This four-member girl group, composed of comediennes Song Eun Yi, Shin Bong Sun, Kim Shin Young, and Ahn Young Mi, recently said no to an ad offer.

During a radio broadcast, they revealed that they were given an offer to star in an ad for a Japanese drink, but turned it down due to the boycott of Japanese products in Korea.

Park Jin Hee

Park Jin Hee has long been an advocate for environmental issues and the eradication of child abuse. She immediately declined to star in an ad for a loan company despite its lucrative offer of billions of won (millions of dollars).

She stated, “I cannot appear in advertisements for loan companies because it will lead to increased damage on ordinary people who fall into debt due to private loans.”

Lee Young Ae

Lee Young Ae refused to appear in an ad for a Japanese loan company. At the time, she said, “I came to the conclusion that this financial company was causing social harm. Financial companies do not fit my image, and I will continue to take great caution.”

Song Hye Kyo

This actress rejected an offer to star in a Chinese ad for Japanese automotive company Mitsubishi. She revealed that she could not appear in an ad for an enterprise that committed war crimes by using forced labor during World War II.

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