SF9’s Rowoon Talks About Friendship With Groupmates, Goals For 2020, And More

SF9’s Rowoon shared his goals for the new year!

In a recent photo shoot for the February issue of Dazed magazine, Rowoon showcased his stunning visuals in casual outfits which contrast with the bright background colors.

During the interview for the photo shoot, Rowoon talked about the things that brought him happiness. He shared, “Rather than thinking about what Rowoon likes, I thought more about what other people like and asked others first. Until now, I’ve always adjusted myself to others, but while acting, I started asking myself things for the first time, such as when I feel the most happy as Kim Seok Woo (Rowoon’s real name) rather than as Rowoon. Fascinatingly, acting served as that opportunity.”

Answering the question about what kind of setting he feels comfortable in, Rowoon revealed that he likes enclosed spaces. He shared, “Within that space, I create an atmosphere in which I can focus on whatever I’m doing alone. Once, I installed curtains in front of my bedroom door, and the members teased me, saying I was going overboard. But I don’t mind. I close the curtains wherever I see them.”

Rowoon also talked about his affection for the members of SF9. He said, “As time passed, we would fight, cry, laugh, and share many stories together. We were more cautious around each other in the past, but now we act comfortably [around each other]. If we’re separated and far away, I want to see them. I think I’ve met good friends.”

On his goals for 2020, Rowoon shared, “It might sound a bit abstract, but it’s to just be happy and to have the ease to take good care of the people around me. Our goals as a team is to win No. 1 [on music shows] and to have a concert in Korea. I want to continuously show my diverse sides to the general public for a long time.”

Recently, Rowoon won Best New Actor at the 2019 MBC Drama Awards for his lead role in MBC’s “Extraordinary You.” SF9 is currently promoting their title track “Good Guy,” which won first place on “M Countdown” and “Music Bank.”

Start watching Rowoon in “Extraordinary You” below!

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