TWICE’s Dahyun Sends With Hilariously Unexpected Mention Of Lee Kwang Soo During “2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships”

TWICE’s Dahyun flustered Jun Hyun Moo by unexpectedly bringing up Lee Kwang Soo during the opening of MBC’s “2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships – New Year Special”!

On January 24, MBC aired Day 1 of the highly-anticipated three-day special, which kicked off with an opening ceremony featuring almost all of the participating idols. During the ceremony, former professional basketball player Han Ki Bum teamed up with UV to lead the idols in some synchronized warm-up exercises.

Since his retirement, Han Ki Bum—who once played on the South Korean men’s basketball team at the 1988 Olympics—has become famous for something other than his basketball skills: his uncanny resemblance to actor Lee Kwang Soo. The likeness between the two has become a running gag on SBS’s “Running Man,” with Han Ki Bum even making multiple appearances on the variety show as Lee Kwang Soo’s official doppelganger.

At the start of the “2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships” opening ceremony, MCs Dahyun and Jun Hyun Moo were introducing the special guests when Jun Hyun Moo suddenly turned to Dahyun and asked, “Do you know who Han Ki Bum is?”

Dahyun cheerfully replied, “Yes, I do!” before confusing Jun Hyun Moo by launching into Lee Kwang Soo’s famous “mosquito dance” from MBC’s “High Kick Through the Roof“—which Han Ki Bum recently danced on “Running Man.”

A dumbfounded Jun Hyun Moo asked, “What is this?” and Dahyun explained, “Lee Kwang Soo! [Han Ki Bum] is Lee Kwang Soo’s lookalike.”

Jun Hyun Moo then burst out laughing as he informed her, “He was originally a basketball player.” Visibly surprised, Dahyun replied, “Oh, really?” and Jun Hyun Moo asked, “Did you think he was a comedian?”

Dahyun responded by laughing, “I think I was misinformed.”

Watch Day 1 of the “2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships – New Year Special” below!

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