Play M Confirms Han Seung Woo Will Resume Activities As VICTON Member + VICTON Preparing March Comeback

Play M Entertainment has announced that Han Seung Woo will be resuming activities as a member of VICTON.

On January 29, Play M shared a notice on their official social media accounts that reads:

Hello. This is Play M Entertainment.

We wish to notify you of Han Seung Woo’s future activities.

Han Seung Woo is currently putting his all into preparing his solo fan meeting, a precious moment he will share with fans who have sent him so much love and support.

After the fan meeting, Han Seung Woo will return to VICTON and partake in future activities. VICTON is currently in the process of preparing to release an album in March.

Our agency will actively support the activities of VICTON members, including Han Seung Woo, in a variety of ways, and we will do our best to create various opportunities for them to communicate with fans.

We ask for your warm love and support for the seven members of VICTON, Han Seung Woo, Kang Seung Sik, Heo Chan, Im Se Jun, Do Han Se, Choi Byung Chan, and Jung Su Bin, who are taking another leap forward.

Thank you.

Han Seung Woo will be holding his solo fan meeting on February 8.

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