Lee Dong Gun And Kang Kyung Joon Share Realistic Stories About Their Marriages On “Radio Star”

On the January 29 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Lee Dong Gun, Kang Kyung Joon, and Son Seung Yeon appeared as guests.

During the episode, Lee Dong Gun and Kang Kyung Joon were asked about their images as “romantic husbands” and shared some realistic stories about the ups and downs of marriage. As an example, Lee Dong Gun told the story of how he forgot his wedding anniversary.

He said, “I was happy that I had a day off. I didn’t want to go out, so I said we should order pigs’ feet. Jo Yoon Hee [his wife] only picked at her food. When we went to bed that night, she turned her back on me and went to sleep, so I left her alone. But then I heard her crying and I realized what happened.”

Later, he continued, “I get nervous whenever my wife sends me a message that just says, ‘Oppa.’ There are things that you know you did wrong, so if I get a text like that before filming, I get really nervous. I really hate that text because I have no idea what will come next.”

Kang Kyung Joon, on the other hand, shared a story of how he and his wife (Jang Shin Young) fought after he went out for dinner with his colleagues and lied to his wife and said that the filming had run long. He revealed that his wife ghosted him in response and said, “I think that she was angry because she was taking care of our child alone and I came home late. There are times when I get nervous because she doesn’t take my calls and I don’t know where she is.”

The couple also have disagreements about how to raise their child. Kang Kyung Joon said, “My wife is the type to scold the child, and I’m the type to try and meet the child halfway by listening to what they have to say. Because of that, I’ve taken on the role of the ‘nice parent’ and she has the opposite role. But it’s not like I know in advance what my wife is going to say, so I can’t always be neutral.”

Lee Dong Gun and Kang Kyung Joon are currently appearing in the musical “Bodyguard.”

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