3 Keywords To Keep In Mind Before Watching New KBS Drama Starring Jang Ki Yong, Jin Se Yeon, And Lee Soo Hyuk

KBS Drama “Born Again” is just a month away from its premiere!

The mystery melodrama follows the story of three people and the fate that ties them together across two separate lives through reincarnation.

There are three keywords to keep in mind before you start watching Jang Ki Yong, Jin Se Yeon, and Lee Soo Hyuk’s upcoming drama. Check them out below!

1. Reincarnation

“Born Again” begins on the premise that “spirits can be reborn” and deals with the topic of reincarnation that is effected by past karma.

In this regard, the three lead actors will all play two different characters across two separate lives. Jang Ki Yong will take on the dual roles of lone wolf Gong Ji Chul in 1986 and medical student Chun Jong Bum in 2020. Lee Soo Hyuk will play both the pure-hearted detective Cha Hyung Bin in 1986 and the objective prosecutor Kim Soo Hyuk in 2020. Jin Se Yeon will act as bookstore owner Jung Ha Eun in 1986 and bioarchaeologist Jung Sa Bin in 2020.

2. Mystery

The brutal events that upset the world in the 1980s will be re-enacted more than three decades later, which will add to the tense situation where no one can trust each other. Most of all, the characters Jang Hye Mi (played by Wi Ji Yeon/Kim Jung Nan) and Cheon Seok Tae (played by Jo Duk Hwae/Cho Kwang Il) who live through two generations, unlike the three main characters, will present the secrets of their fate and reveal the thrilling story.

3. Melodrama

Viewers are already looking forward to the melodrama that will be portrayed by Jang Ki Yong, Jin Se Yeon, and Lee Soo Hyuk who captivated fans with their good looks. The love triangle between two men who love in their own way and a woman who will heal them will become tangled by drama.

“Born Again” will premiere in April. Check out the script reading here!

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