Watch: LOONA Takes 1st Ever Music Show Win With “So What” On “M Countdown”; Performances By ITZY, VICTON, And More

LOONA has won a music show trophy for the first time!

On the March 12 episode of “M Countdown,” the nominees for first place were LOONA’s “So What” and MCND’s “Ice Age.” LOONA won with a total score of 8,075 to MCND’s 3,925.

Many of the members became emotional and teary over their first ever win. Yves said, “First off, I’m so nervous because this is the first time that we’ve won! Thank you for giving me the chance to give an acceptance speech.” She thanked their agency staff as well as family members.

“More than anything, I think we received this award because of [our fans] Orbit, so thank you so much,” she said. “Unfortunately, Haseul wasn’t able to participate in this album, but to Haseul who will be watching at home, it’s because of you that we’ve been able to get the award, so I want to say thank you so much.”

“We had a lot of fears while we were preparing our album for the past year,” she went on to say. “But we’ve received an award, and I think that like the message of our song, we’ll be able to go forward without being afraid of change! Thank you, everyone!”

Watch their performance and win below!

Performers in this week’s episode also included ITZY, VICTON, APRIL’s Naeun and Jinsol, PENTAGON, DKB, Dustin, DONGKIZ, A.R.T’s Park Sung Jun and Taesaja’s Kim Young Min, BURSTERS, BLACK6IX, Bizzy, SPECTRUM, 3YE, AleXa, ELRIS, MCND, Yezi, Lee Yejoon, Lee Woo, Kiara, and Favorite.

BLACK6IX – “Call My Name”

AleXa – “Do or Die”

Dustin – “Burn”

Lee Yejoon – “Crazy Excuse”

A.R.T’s Park Sung Jun and Taesaja’s Kim Young Min – “Solitary Man”

Kiara – “Boss”

SPECTRUM – “Show Time”

ELRIS – “Jackpot”

DKB – “Sorry Mama”

Favorite – “Lie”

DONGKIZ – “Lupin”

3YE – “Queen”

Bursters – “Colors”

MCND – “Ice Age”

APRIL’s Naeun and Jinsol – “Matter of Time”

Yezi – “Home”

Bizzy – “Celebrate” (featuring Double K)

PENTAGON – “Shower of Rain”

Lee Woo – “Memories”

VICTON – “Nightmare”

VICTON – “Howling”


Congratulations to LOONA!

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