Social Distancing The K-Pop Way: 17 Songs To Put On Repeat When You’re Bored At Home

So your part of the world has gone on coronavirus lockdown, and you’re stuck at home (thank you for doing your part to stop the spread!). At first it might sound kind of nice to not be able to go anywhere for a bit. You can finally take some time for yourself, focus on a project or two, maybe find a new hobby…but then the days stretch into weeks and you realize that when you’re stuck in one place, it can be hard to motivate yourself to do homework, work, or, well, much of anything at all — not to mention the boredom.


Luckily, music is a great way to combat monotony, and these 17 K-pop songs are chill enough for lazy days, but bright to pep up your mood. Most importantly, they’re addicting enough to have on repeat until quarantine is over — but in the meantime, you might just find them #relatable to your social distancing life!

1. “Humph!” — PENTAGON

No song is a more perfect anthem for the times than “Humph!” considering its Korean title (and catchy chorus) literally translates to “you can’t come closer.” But “Humph!” also just happens to be a great song to listen to when you’re bored at home: its youthful, bouncy vibe will brighten your mood, and it’s so infectious you’ll want to put it on repeat.

2. “What Are You Up To” — Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel waits around for someone to call in “What Are You Up To,” which is a whole mood for those of us whose social lives now consist entirely of virtual conversations. We’re not up to much these days, but we appreciate Daniel asking. Don’t forget to check out his recent comeback “2U“!

3. “Blueming” — IU

We usually associate “blue” with feeling down, but in “Blueming,” IU refurbishes the color to represent warmth and blossoming love. If boredom’s got you down, “Blueming” might just be the refresher you need!

4. “Any Song” — Block B’s Zico

Zico could not have picked a better year to pen “Any Song,” which he described as a song to listen to when you don’t want to think about anything. When you’re at your most bored and in need of a pick-me-up, listening to “Any Song” is bound to make you smile.

5. “Hello Tutorial” — Zion.T feat. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Zion.T’s jazzy style is perfect for any chill day, especially when paired with Seulgi’s sweet vocals. If you’re worried you’ll have forgotten how to interact with other humans by the time quarantine is over, the collab “Hello Tutorial” is a good way to ensure otherwise! Make sure you don’t miss the equally cute MV:

6. “Awkward Silence” — Stray Kids

Leave it to Stray Kids to put a smile on your face: “Awkward Silence” delivers a silly yet heartfelt message about laughing away your awkward moments — and while thankfully we have fewer of those now that social interaction is limited, the song is a good reminder to be comfortable with yourself, which is something we all have to do when we’re spending more time with ourselves! Kick back and enjoy:

7. “Gotta Go” — Chungha

“Gotta Go” is one of the more exciting and sexy songs on this list, and not without reason: listen to Chungha’s hit and try to remember what it was like actually having places to go to! Haha… ha.

8. “Serendipity” — BTS

A simple household transforms into a boundless universe in the MV for “Serendipity,” and the song likewise encapsulates the feeling of seeing the world around you with new eyes. It’s simple and refreshing, and bound to give you a new perspective on your day, even from the confines of your home.

9. “Why So Lonely” — Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls’s reggae-infused hit should be on everyone’s summer playlist, but it’s also the perfect song to take out when you’re feeling bored and listless. Plus, if you’re starting to feel the isolation of being stuck at home, “Why So Lonely” will add some cool-girl chill to your social distancing. We just wish our quarantines could be as retro and fabulous as this MV!

10. “instagram” — Dean

If you find yourself craving human interaction, it’s easy to hop on over to Instagram to see what everyone else is up to in their own quarantines. But take Dean’s song, which highlights the feelings of emptiness that social media can give us, as a warning not to spend your whole day scrolling through your feed!


While it may feel like you’re cooped up inside, instead you could look at quarantine like a little staycation and allow yourself to take a break for a day or two. TWICE’s “CHILLAX” is about taking time to slow down, reflect, and relax. Plus, the song’s tropical vibes will instantly brighten your mood and put you in the vacation mindset!

12. “Hold” — WINNER

If you’re finally starting to feel a little crazy from being cooped up inside, “Hold” is for you. WINNER’s latest release is the kind of unhinged, mischievous fun that we all desperately need right now; plus, watching this goofy MV over and over never fails to bring some much-needed laughs.

13. “Coloring Book” — Oh My Girl

It’s easy for the days to all run together when you’re stuck at home for a while, and sometimes it takes a little spot of brightness to refresh your mood. Let Oh My Girl add a splash of color to your day with “Coloring Book”!

14. “Night Rather Than Day” — EXID

This groovy EXID track is for when the sun sets and you realize that it is, in fact, now night rather than day and that you have no idea where the day went or what you even did. Oh well, let these talented ladies croon you into the evening.

15. “Good Evening” — SHINee

“Good Evening” is easy listening, and its sparkling chorus is seriously addicting, so it’s a great song to brighten your home-bound evenings. Actually, while you’re at it, just listen to SHINee’s whole “Story of Light” trilogy — you won’t regret it!

16. “Dancing King” — EXO and Yoo Jae Suk

“Dancing King” is your last brain cell after you haven’t left the house for days on end and are definitely starting to lose it a little. But you know what? Just embrace it — and maybe get up and dance along!

17. “My House” — 2PM

2PM’s 2015 gem experienced a revival in popularity recently, and it’s so catchy that we understand why! While “let’s go to my house” isn’t something a lot of us can say these days, we can enjoy this sexy fairytale-themed music video while waiting for the day when it is:

BONUS: “Your Dog Loves You” — Colde feat. Crush

In honor of all the dog owners out there whose pups are thrilled to spend time with them 24/7 now, listen to this sweet track from Colde and Crush while giving your pet some love!

Hey Soompiers, are you stuck at home these days? What songs are you listening to? Let us know in the comments, and stay safe, everyone.

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