GOT7’s Jinyoung Thanks Fellow Member Jackson And 2PM’s Junho For Show Of Support

GOT7’s Jinyoung has thanked fellow member Jackson, 2PM’s Junho, and staff from JYP Entertainment for their support!

On April 7, he shared a series of photos on his Instagram Story that showed the coffee trucks he has received for various projects.

Jinyoung is currently working on the upcoming tvN drama “When My Love Blooms.” He shared a photo of the truck Jackson sent with the message “Thank you.” The banners on the truck read, “Jinyoung, I’m always supporting you. But make sure you’re always taking good care of your health!” and “To all the staff who are working hard, I hope you stay healthy! And thank you for adoring our Jinyoung. Please continue to take care of him in the future. ‘When My Love Blooms,’ go, go, go! From Jackson Wang.”

He also received support from JYP Entertainment, and he shared a photo in front of a banner that reads, “Thank you to all the cast and crew who work hard for drama ‘When My Love Blooms’! Please enjoy. From JYP Division 2.”

Jinyoung also received support from fellow labelmate 2PM’s Junho for his upcoming film “The Angel Without, The Devil Within” (tentative title, also known as “Yacha”). Junho was cheering on both Jinyoung and his co-star Sol Kyung Gu, and he sent the banners, “Sol Kyung Gu, good luck! And please love Jinyoung as well!” and “Good luck to all the cast and crew of ‘The Angel Without, The Devil Within.’ From 2PM’s Junho.”

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“When My Love Blooms” is set to premiere on April 25 following the conclusion of “Hi Bye, Mama” and will be available on Viki.

Take a look at a teaser for the drama below!

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