Highlight’s Yang Yoseob Shares An Update From Military Service And Talks About Meeting Up With Yoon Doojoon

Yang Yoseob has shared a new letter from the military!

The Highlight member enlisted on January 24, 2019 and is currently serving as a conscripted police officer. On April 14, Highlight’s social media posted a new handwritten letter from the idol. Read it below:

Hello, everyone. I’m writing to you via a letter for the first time in a while.

You may be very uneasy and worried lately because of COVID-19, but keep up your good hygiene and wear a mask and I hope that we’ll all quickly get through the COVID-19 pandemic together.

I recently received a leave so I ate together with Doojoon. It was really the first time in a while that we’d met, but it was so much fun, as though he was someone I’d just seen yesterday.

I miss Gikwang and Dongwoon too. I want all four of us to meet up soon and laugh as we talk about trivial things like who had the hardest time and what’s happened lately.

Lately I’m missing the Highlight members as much as you.

Everyone, please be healthy and laugh as you only talk about happy things.

We’re also going to try hard so that you can be happy.

I’ll write again when the weather gets warmer.

From, Yang Yoseob.

Yang Yoseob’s fellow Highlight member Yoon Doojoon finished his military service last week. Lee Gikwang and Son Dongwoon are still serving after having enlisted last April and May.

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