“Road To Kingdom” Boy Groups Reveal Goals They Want To Achieve On The Show

At a press conference for “Road to Kingdom” on April 21, the contestants talked about their goals and more!

The Mnet competition show features seven boy groups: PENTAGON, ONF, Golden Child, The Boyz, VERIVERY, ONEUS, and TOO.

PENTAGON went first at the press conference and said, “It’s an honor and we’re grateful to have the chance to work on ‘Road to Kingdom’ together with everyone. There’s a lot of charming things about us that we haven’t been able to show yet. We’re going to show you great performances through our charm, skills, and hard work.”

Next up was ONF, who said, “We haven’t had many chances to promote after our debut so we haven’t been able to show our charming qualities a lot. We’re happy to have this chance to show various sides of ourselves and our charming qualities. We hope you look forward to it a lot.”

Golden Child commented, “It’s an honor to take part in ‘Road to Kingdom.’ We plan to show various sides of ourselves through each performance. We’re trying hard to put on performances without any regrets. We’ll work hard to make the ‘Road to Kingdom’ a road paved in gold.”

The Boyz said, “We’re really happy to be participating in ‘Road to Kingdom.’ It’s an honor to be able to show new sides of ourselves and cool performances to [our fans] The Bs and viewers. Our goal is to make it to ‘Kingdom’ but beyond that, we’re aiming to be a group that can contribute to the K-pop market. We hope you’ll look upon us well in the future too.”

VERIVERY stated, “We think it’s an honor to be able to prepare performances alongside such great senior artists and peers. We’re aiming to create a memorable legendary performance on ‘Road to Kingdom.'”

ONEUS said it’s an honor to take part and then made an acrostic poem based on the syllables of their name in Korean to say, “ONEUS is going to prove what kind of group we are through ‘Road to Kingdom.'”

Lastly, the most rookie group TOO said, “It’s an honor to be able to perform on the same stage as these senior artists as soon as we made our debut. We’ll work hard so that we don’t cause trouble for the senior artists and directors. There’s a lot we haven’t been able to show yet, since we’re rookies, but we’re going to put on performances that show the passion of rookies. Please look forward to it.”

Jang Sung Kyu and Lee Da Hee will be MCing the show, after also hosting last year’s “Queendom.”

Lee Da Hee said, “I made a lot of good memories on ‘Queendom’ so I didn’t hesitate at all when I received the offer for ‘Road to Kingdom.’ It can be a tiring show because filming takes a long time. However, when I was doing ‘Queendom,’ rather than feeling tired, I enjoying getting to watch the performances. I think ‘Road to Kingdom’ will be like that too.”

She went on to say, “It’s possible that viewers might not know the groups on the show well. There were some people that even I didn’t know well either. However, I came to like them after we filmed a few times. I want to cheer them on as they grow and develop through this show.”

Lee Da Hee also said, “Since it’s a competition program, they’ll be ranked from No. 1 to No. 7, but you can’t rank the passion of the groups on the show.” She added that she felt proud when she saw them preparing for their performances and said she hopes they keep up the same level of passion until the end of the show.

Jang Sung Kyu said fans will be very excited about the performances the groups are preparing. He compared the show to the popular drama “The World of the Married” as he said, “We’ll try to deliver a show that’s even more fun than ‘The World of the Married.'”

At the press conference, the show’s chief producer also talked about why each of the groups were asked to come on the show.

“Road to Kingdom” premieres on April 30 at 8 p.m. KST on Mnet.

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