11 K-Pop Idols Who Are The Biggest BTS Fanboys

As a young K-pop artist, it is truly important to find role models to inspire you with their hard work, dedication, talent, and success. BTS is breaking records and gaining more fans day by day, so it’s no wonder many young idols find them to be the perfect examples to follow. These artists’ love for the seven boys and their music remind us of our own fan moments, and it’s just so great to see them finally meeting the people they look up to! It’s hard to keep up with all the youngsters becoming the biggest BTS fanboys, but if you ever wondered which idols are the loudest about their love for BTS, here is a list with a few of them!

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Park Ji Hoon

Ji Hoon is the most successful BTS fanboy for sure, because he even ended up in a gaming group with Jin. However, his absolute favorite has been Taehyung since the very beginning, and the way he was never afraid to show his love and respect for V is just something to admire. He was lucky enough to meet the boys on award shows and music shows, and his huge beaming smile tells us just how happy it made him!

Wooyoung and Jongho from ATEEZ

All eight members of ATEEZ could easily fit on this list, because ATEEZ just can’t stop loving BTS! But it’s Wooyoung who’s not afraid to take every chance he gets to talk about his favorite idol group. From dance covers to singing their songs randomly on their V Live streams, he is ready to show his ARMY side to everyone. The maknae of the group, Jongho, is just as whipped, stating his idol role model is Jungkook. He even covered “The Truth Untold,” and it was simply amazing!

Younghoon from The Boyz

Ji Hoon is not the only one biasing Taehyung here. The Boyz’s Younghoon has also declared, more than once, that V is his most important role model as an idol. Being able to meet Tae on music shows must have been a perfect moment for him, and the cameras caught him many times being in awe because of BTS being close to him. When his group snatched a photo with BTS, Younghoon was even able to stand right next to V! What a successful fanboy indeed!

Sejun from VICTON

Sejun’s adoration for BTS is well known among fans, and he chose Jimin as his favorite from the group. He mentioned in an interview that BTS gave him the biggest strength as a trainee, and he was able to get through his hardest times while watching BTS. Isn’t this something every ARMY can relate to?

2Soul from Seven O’Clock

2Soul is also a big fan of Jimin! He mentioned Jimin in an interview, praising his sexy dance moves, strong voice, and facial expressions. Seven O’Clock also covered BTS’s songs and dances multiple times, so if you are interested, you can check out 2Soul and Taeyoung singing “The Truth Untold” here!

Hyunwoo and Dylan from D-CRUNCH

Debuting as a hip-hop group, it was no question for D-CRUNCH members that they would choose BTS as their role models in the K-pop scene. Hyunwoo even revealed during their showcase that J-Hope is his favorite member, mentioning his charisma, dancing, and facial expressions on stage. Dylan, on the other hand, adores Taehyung the most because of his facial expressions and handsome features. One thing is for sure, D-CRUNCH was not afraid to cover their idols’ song. Take a look at their dance medley as an example!

Hyeongseop X Euiwoong

As a former BigHit trainee, it’s no wonder Ahn Hyeongseop was inspired by BTS’s hard work! He mentioned that he adores the seven boys for their relatable lyrics and fresh and cool performances. His partner in crime Lee Euiwoong also chose a BTS member as his role model, saying that Jungkook is his favorite because he is a senior artist with a manly image. The duo even performed a funny dance cover of “Boy In Luv.”

Kim Dong Han

Dong Han was a huge ARMY even before his debut, and his former dance group ended up covering a lot of BTS songs because of him. He never stopped adoring the boys, mentioning them in interviews a few times and even revealing Jungkook as his favorite member. His fans were quick to pick up on Dong Han being a huge fanboy, and they even gifted him an ARMY Bomb during a fan signing. Here’s him covering “Idol” back in 2018:

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