Go Jun Hee Thanks Fans After Successful Indictment Of Malicious Commenters

Go Jun Hee has shared her thoughts after finalizing her legal proceedings.

In April, the actress’s agency announced that malicious commenters had been indicted and fined by the prosecution for spreading rumors that Go Jun Hee was the actress named in Seungri’s group chat in relation to his prostitution mediation allegations.

On May 10, Go Jun Hee shared screenshots of some of the articles about the indictment of the malicious commenters.

She wrote, “The long fight against baseless rumors has now come to an end. I also want to thank the lawyers for helping me and holding me back when I emotionally and stupidly said that I wanted to sue everyone without knowing anything about the law. Finally, I’d like to thank the reporters who trusted and supported me until the very end.”

Go Jun Hee continued, “My mom and dad, who are forever on my side. CEO Hwang Ji Seon, who personally makes me porridge and ginger honey tea even if I’m a little ill; the agency employees; the vice president; Manager Go Yoo Jung; and (producing director) PD Seo. Thank you so, so much. I’ll work harder to become an even better actress. Thank you. I won’t forget this.”

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Go Jun Hee has appeared in many dramas including “Twelve Men in a Year,” “She Was Pretty,” and “Untouchable.”

Watch Go Jun Hee in “Untouchable” with English subtitles below:

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