ASTRO Talks About Their Love For One Another, Individual Activities, And More

Following their return with their seventh mini album “GATEWAY,” ASTRO posed for the June issue of Elle Korea.

After their classy and mature photo shoot, each member participated in their own interview.

ASTRO’s leader JinJin shared, “Every member has grown in taking more responsibility. We wrote the song ‘Lights On’ with the meaning of becoming a light both among ourselves and to our fans.”

Expressing his love for his members, Cha Eun Woo commented, “Since we are so close and have been together for so long, we resolve a lot of things just by talking. When we see members with a lot of individual activities, we share tips and try to understand one another.”

Moonbin spoke about maturing during their time off, sharing, “While resting, it feels like I’ve broken out of a mold. I learned that even if I let loose a bit, it’ll be okay.”

Rocky explained his goals, saying “My desire to enjoy our performances is much bigger now. I want to stand in front of an audience as a group that is good at conveying emotion.”

Regarding his upcoming musical “Jamie,” MJ expressed excitement while also sharing, “I feel responsible that there are people who are coming to hear my voice.”

Yoon Sanha commented on the trust he has in his members, explaining, “I try to learn from my members’ strengths and their abilities to problem solve. I’m the type to listen to their advice with an open mind.”

Recently, ASTRO finished up promotions for their seventh mini album and title track “Knock.”

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