Stuck With You: 7 Introverted Male K-Drama Characters We Wish We Could Spend Quarantine With

Are you staying home due to the quarantine? Health experts and researchers are advocating for people to avoid going out, if not preventing it completely for the time being, to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. Others may have different ways of spending their days at home, while some of us turn to K-dramas and movies to pass the time. Here are some dramas that are worth the rewatch and show introverted characters that have no qualms about staying home.

Yoon Ji Hoo of “Boys Over Flowers” and Baek Seung Jo of “Playful Kiss

Kim Hyun Joong has often been cast as characters that have a mysterious air and calming factor. In “Boys Over Flowers,” he played Yoon Ji Hoo, who comes from an extremely wealthy family and has studied music in an elite school. He’s often a man of few words, and you’re sure to find him hiding away from the crowds playing either the violin or guitar or reading a book. As Baek Seung Jo in “Playful Kiss,” Kim Hyun Joong plays an intelligent student who would rather curl up at home and read a book instead of socializing with friends!

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Nam Se Hee of “Because This Is My First Life

Lee Min Ki plays Nam Se Hee, an obsessive-compulsive man who is very detailed not only when it comes to working, but also in keeping his house clean and in order. In fact, he’s a man of habit and never goes out of his repetitive daily routines. That is until he meets a girl who would change all of that! Due to a mix-up, he ends up being roommates with a woman who opens up his world, and in contrast, he teaches her the importance of companionship at home and in life. Together, they often watch sports on TV, play games and drink beer. A big bonus is that he is also a cat daddy who takes really good care of his pet!


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Do Min Joon of “My Love From the Star”

Kim Soo Hyun plays Do Min Joon, the wealthy, smart university professor who never makes friends and would rather spend his time alone reading books in his big house. It’s not entirely because he is an introvert, but because he is keeping a big secret: he never ages a day in his life. And thus, he decides not to make close relationships with people (save for one man he trusts) and keep his life private—until he meets a celebrity who will put him in the spotlight!

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Choi Taek of “Reply 1988

Park Bo Gum plays a genius baduk (go) player who literally only says a few words a day and can keep his concentration for hours on end. He stays at home either reading about baduk strategies or practicing by himself in his room. He has won competitions all over the world, but outside of baduk, he doesn’t really get to have any fun adventures in life. His crazy group of neighborhood friends keeps his life somewhat eventful, and because of a certain girl who’s a childhood friend, he experiences his first love.


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Hong Jo of “Meow the Secret Boy

Kim Myung Soo or INFINITE’s L plays Hong Jo, a gentle, quiet and observant young man who doesn’t know anything about the world of humans. That’s because he’s actually a cat who turns into a boy because of a woman who’s destined to be his love. All he does at home is to wait for her all day or watch her silently as she works. But he is also diligently protecting her and makes sure to keep her happy and smiling. He’s simply as pure-hearted and cute as a cat!

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Im Eun Seob of “I’ll Go To You When the Weather Is Nice

If you’re a bookworm, you will love Im Eun Seob (played by Seo Kang Joon). He grew up in and stays in a small town where he runs a small library. There, people can read books and talk about the town’s folklore and gossip. He meets his first love once again when she leaves the big city to return to her old hometown to confront her past. He’s always had a crush on her in school and couldn’t muster the courage to confess his feelings. Can he take this chance to make her fall in love with him this time?

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Bonus: Go Dok Mi of “Flower Boy Next Door

Not a male character, but an introvert worth mentioning! Park Shin Hye plays a writer and an introvert who is scared to go out of her home and would rather watch the world outside through her binoculars. A man who lives across from her catches her interest, and she eventually starts watching him out of curiosity. She is forced to go out and face him when a group of crazy neighbors move in next door, pulling her out of her comfortable, peaceful life.


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Hey Soompiers! Which of these characters can you imagine yourself being stuck at home with? Tell us your faves in the comments below!

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