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On July 4th, the final assessment stage of “Chuang 2020” (also known as “Produce Camp 2020”) was held.

“Chuang 2020” is the third season of the official Chinese adaptation of the Korean “Produce” series.

The grand finale was hosted by He Jiong and specially invited actress and singer Qin Hailu as a guest. Rainbow Choir, Li Yundi, Meng Meiqi (WJSN’s Mei Qi), R1SE, Wei Ya and other guests were also there to witness the girls’ special moment. The four coaches Tao (Huang Zitao), Lu Han, Mao Buyi, and f(x)’s Victoria also cheered on the contestants with their own performances. Tao and Lu Han put together performances of new songs “Ice Cream” and “Sensitive” with some of the eliminated trainees.

The 15 girls who entered the finals performed their own personal stages and also split into dance and vocal teams for group performances. The dance group performed “It’s a Bomb,” while the vocal group sang “Phoenix” for evaluation.

After two rounds of performances, seven members were selected from the 15 girls to form the new project girl group BonBon Girls 303. The members of BonBon Girls 303 are Xilinnayi Gao, Zhao Yue, Wang Yijin, Chen Zhuoxuan, Nene, Liu Xiening, and Zhang Yifan. Read more about them below:

No. 1: Xilinnayi (Curley) Gao

Age: 21
Nationality: Chinese
Agency: Bravo Music
Previous experience: Student at Berklee College of Music, second place in Na Ying’s group on second season of “Sing! China”

No. 2: Zhao Yue (Akira)

Age: 25
Nationality: Chinese
Agency: Star48
Previous Experience: SNH48 TEAM NII, 7SENSES

No. 3: Wang Yijin

Age: 24
Nationality: Chinese
Agency: Jaywalk Newjoy
Previous Experience: Acted in “Growing Pain”

No. 4: Chen Zhuoxuan

Age: 23
Nationality: Chinese
Previous Experience: Acted in “The Untamed” and sang the theme song

No. 5: Nene

Age: 23
Nationality: Thai
Agency: Hua Ying Yi Xing
Previous Experience: Member of Thai girl group MilkShake, acted in “Nice to Meet UFO” and Thai drama “2gether: The Series”

No. 6: Liu Xiening (Sally)

Age: 24
Nationality: Chinese
Agency: Haohaobangyang
Previous Experience: gugudan member

No. 7: Zhang Yifan

Age: 20
Nationality: Chinese
Agency: Time Fengjun Entertainment
Previous Experience: Acted in “Better Days”

Xu Yiyang places No. 8

The number of spots in the debut lineup was a controversy throughout the show’s run, as the two groups created from the previous seasons had both consisted of 11 members. The vice president of Tencent Video shared that he ultimately decided on a seven-member group to create an odd-numbered group with a smaller number of people.

As a result of the limited number of spots available, the competition became more fierce, and many fans were especially disappointed when Xu Yiyang placed No. 8. A former trainee at SM Entertainment, Xu Yiyang had missed her chance to debut by just one rank due to the change in the new season.

After the show came to a close, her agency CEO Tao posted on his social media and showed genuine support for Xu Yiyang, saying he would accompany her as she grows.

BonBon Girls 303

At the finale, BonBon Girls 303 put on their first performance together as a group. While waiting for their grand debut, check out their “BonBon Girls” stage below:

Watch the full finale with English subtitles here!

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