Former AOA Member Youkyung Shares Clarification After Writing Ambiguous Post

AOA’s former member Youkyung has written to clarify the meaning behind her post on Friday.

On July 3, former AOA member Mina shared several posts on Instagram in which she said that Jimin had continuously bullied and tormented her during her years in the group. After posting an apology, Jimin has now left the group.

Following Mina’s initial posts, Youkyung took to her own Instagram to share a photo with writing on it that reads, “The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is give up on today.”

Youkyung wrote in the caption in Korean, “To be honest, everything looked exactly the same to me back then.” She continued in English, “I can’t forget the eyes of the bystanders.”

She then added lyrics from the song “Leave It All Behind” by Sleeping with Sirens, “I wanna kill the pain I feel inside. But I won’t quit for the people I love. So I’ll say I’m fine until the day I fucking see the light.” She added in Korean, “Like the lyrics to the song I listened to yesterday, I need to get through everything again.”

There was much speculation about the content of her message and its possible relation to Mina’s story. Youkyung has since edited the post to remove the first section before the lyrics, and she added a clarification that the photo isn’t herself, noting that even her parents had been confused.

On July 6, Youkyung posted again on Instagram with the following clarification about her post:

Hello. This is Youkyung.

I think the ambiguous post that I uploaded on my feed has caused some confusion, so I’m writing again.

I apologize for uploading a post that was too ambiguous. A memory that I’d been determined to bury and that I’d been forgetting little by little suddenly came back to me, and so in the heat of the moment I got angry.

So I think that I had the childish feeling of wanting to timidly express to you all that I had also had a hard time.

It seems that in the past, I was having such a hard time even just on my own that I wasn’t even able to look around at my surroundings. So I thought others were just looking at my struggling self. I couldn’t even have guessed that someone else was in the same situation. So I want to sincerely say that I’m sorry. And I want to share my support and say that you endured it well.

I’m okay now. Because I have voices who are always cheering me on. Up until now, I’ve lived life thinking that there was absolutely nothing that would protect me and that the only thing I had was my drums in my studio.

However, that wasn’t true. I’ve come to realize that there are so many precious people who love me. That’s all I need. It’s enough.

I would once again like to take this opportunity to apologize sincerely to everyone was hurt by my impulsive actions and post. I also want to show support by saying, “We’ve all done a good job at getting through a hard time, let’s get up the courage again and have strength.”

I ask you to please refrain from saying hurtful things that make myself and everyone unhappy. Also, I’m always sincerely thankful to everyone who supports me.


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Youkyung debuted as a member of AOA in 2012 and promoted “Moya” in 2013 as a member of their band subunit AOA Black. She left FNC Entertainment in 2016.

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