Watch: ONF Dives Into A Surreal World In “Sukhumvit Swimming” Comeback MV

Updated August 10 KST:

ONF is back with their new mini album “SPIN OFF” and a music video for the title track “Sukhumvit Swimming”!

“Sukhumvit Swimming” is composed by Hwang Hyun and Yoo Jong Sung of MonoTree and MK. The lyrics are by Hwang Hyun, MK, and Wyatt and are about diving into an unknown place that will connect them to a special someone. The song combines trap and future bass with reggae.

Watch the “Sukhumvit Swimming” music video where the members take on several different concepts!

Updated August 10 KST:

ONF has released an exciting new music video teaser for “Sukhumvit Swimming”!

Check it out below:

Updated August 9 KST:

ONF has released a cinematic new music video trailer for their upcoming return with “Sukhumvit Swimming”!

Check it out below:

Updated August 8 KST:

ONF released a motion picture teaser for “Spin-Off”!

Updated August 7 KST:

ONF revealed new teaser photos for “Spin-Off”!

Updated August 6 KST:

ONF has shared the highlight medley for their new mini album “Spin-Off”!

Updated August 5 KST:

ONF revealed a title script release teaser for “Sukhumvit Swimming”!

Updated August 4 KST:

ONF shared new individual photos for “Spin-Off”!

Updated August 3 KST:

ONF has revealed another group concept photo for their upcoming return with “Spin-Off”!

Updated August 2 KST:

ONF has unveiled their track list and a new group concept photo for their upcoming mini album “Spin-Off”!

Check out both below:

Updated August 1 KST:

ONF shared individual teaser photos for their mini album “Spin-off,” featuring the title track “Sukhumvit Swimming”!

The photos were shared with the text “path prediction” and “dream hideout,” and each member has a short description of their character.

Wyatt: “A time-space Tuk-Tuk Driver.”

Hyojin: “One who came to steal time.”

U: “A wanderer for Utopia.”

MK: “The Pirate waiting for somebody at the hideout.”

J-Us: “Security who guards the Ruins.”

E-Tion: “Prince from little planet.”

Updated July 31 KST:

ONF revealed an album preview for their return with “Spin-off”!

Updated July 30 KST:

ONF shared a “prequel picture” for their comeback!

Updated July 29 KST:

ONF released the cover image for their return with “Spin-Off”!

Updated July 28 KST: 

ONF has dropped the teaser schedule for their upcoming comeback!

Updated July 27 KST:

ONF’s comeback date has been announced!

WM Entertainment shared on July 27, “ONF is confirmed to make a comeback on August 10.”

Stay tuned for teasers!

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Original Article:

ONF is making a comeback!

On July 16, WM Entertainment announced that ONF was preparing for a comeback in mid-August.

ONF recently appeared on the Mnet competition program “Road to Kingdom,” where they finished second place. The song they released for the final episode, “New World,” went on to perform well on music charts.

The group’s last comeback was in October 2019 with the EP “GO LIVE.”

What are you hoping to see from ONF’s comeback?

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