Somi Talks About Being Treated As An Outcast At School, The Times She Was On TV Even Before Becoming A Trainee, And More

On the July 22 broadcast of “Radio Star,” Somi talked about having hard times at school, her TV appearances when she was younger, the controversy over the Lamborghini from her reality show, and more.

First, Somi talked about her childhood and revealed that she had transferred to a Korean school when she was in the third grade of elementary school in order to do taekwondo. She mentioned that she was treated as an outcast until the sixth grade.

“The day after I transferred was the day they chose the class president,” she explained. “I didn’t even know what that was, but everyone was saying that they would vote for me if I ran, so I did. I became the president with the greatest number of votes.”

She continued, “I guess they were jealous, but the next day, they started treating me differently. I was an outcast even though I was the class president.”

She then mentioned that when she was in high school, she ran into one of her elementary school classmates who had treated her badly in school. “I went up to her first and said, ‘Hi,'” Somi explained. “She started to get flustered and asked, ‘Can we take a picture together?'” Somi said that she took the picture with the classmate and described how refreshing the moment had been, saying she felt something pent up inside her become undone.

Then, Somi talked about rising to the top of realtime search rankings after she was shown riding a yellow Lamborghini in a preview for her reality series “I Am Somi.” She explained, “I wanted to ride that car. I was making that my goal. When I was filming my reality show, I asked my agency to allow me to ride the car, and I was able to test-drive it as a sponsorship.”

Somi added, “When I grabbed the steering wheel, I took off all my rings and drove it carefully. My heart was thumping at the sound of the engine.”

She mentioned that some people on the internet did not react favorably to her driving the car. “I do want to buy it, but I’ve never seen so many angry emoji reactions on an article,” she said. “I wondered if it was really something to get that angry over. I was thinking that they’ll get to know the truth if they wait a week.”

Somi continued, “The first day when I rose on the realtime search rankings, my agency called me to say, ‘Shouldn’t we explain this?’ But then we said, ‘Won’t there be a lot of views for our second episode? Great.’ The next day, I was still No. 1 on the rankings.” She revealed that her agency then sent out a clarification and that she received her driver’s license in March as soon as she turned 20 years old (in Korean reckoning).

Somi went on to talk about the times she appeared on TV even before she became a trainee. She explained that the crew of KBS’s “Let’s Go! Dream Team” visited her elementary school for a Children’s Day special, and Somi was able to show off her taekwondo skills.

Her next appearance was on KBS’s “Hello Counselor,” when she visited the set with her mother and grandmother as a part of the audience.

Somi also revealed a secret that only her family knew about, and that was when she and her father appeared on a news segment while shoveling snow. Somi was only 4 years old (in Korean reckoning) at the time, and the panel laughed when young Somi interrupted her father, who was being interviewed, to spontaneously say, “I’m Somi!”

Later, Somi revealed some of her family’s backstory. “At first, my dad came to Korea to do taekwondo,” she said. “He met my mom after spending 22 years in Korea.”

She continued, “He is usually very witty, and there are times when his ‘foreigner mindset’ comes out, and he thinks everything he says is funny.”

Somi then spoke about the time she appeared on “Law of the Jungle” with her dad. She said, “I went to the jungle with him, but I was the guardian. As soon as we went, he injured his arm. People were saying it was because he was looking forward to the show so much.” She joked, “He was a nuisance as soon as we went to the jungle.”

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