Update: Former ILUV Member Minah's Mother Speaks Up After Agency Takes Legal Action Against Minah

Updated August 2 KST:

Former ILUV member Minah’s mother has spoken up regarding the criminal complaint filed by ILUV’s agency WKS ENE against her daughter.

Minah’s mother uploaded the following post on Minah’s Instagram account:

Hello, this is Minah’s mom.

Minah is currently receiving treatment as an inpatient at a university hospital.

We cannot use electronic devices in the hospital, and she isn’t able to leave nor receive guests, so we were belatedly informed of the agency’s criminal complaint.

I will say this again; my child never lied. I cannot forget the way my daughter cried every day and said she was having a hard time.

Thanks to those who are supporting her, she was able to regain her energy. Thank you very much. She is receiving treatment from a medical team that we are thankful for. She will regain her health, and the evidence she collected while in pain will be judged by the law to bring the truth to light. Thank you for your support.

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Original Article:

On July 30, ILUV’s agency WKS ENE announced that they have taken legal action against former ILUV member Minah.

Earlier this month, Minah came forward with claims of harassment from her fellow ILUV members. WKS ENE denied these claims and both sides revealed their plans to take legal action.

On July 30, a representative of WKS ENE shared with Herald Pop, “Along with ILUV members Gahyun, Jiho, Seoyoon, Jiwon, and Cui Xiang, WKS ENE has filed a criminal complaint against Minah on suspicions of spreading false information and defamation.”

Minah shared the following post on Instagram on July 25:

Many people have contacted me but I apologize for not having responded to them all yet.

Thank you so much for the messages of comfort and concern. I won’t forget them for the rest of my life.

Also, I recently haven’t been feeling well, so I’ve been hospitalized and am receiving treatment.

I will return healthier. Thank you so much for your support.

I will make sure to reveal the truth.

To everyone who reads this post, I hope you are healthy and happy.


WKS ENE recently announced their plans to delay the debut of their new girl group BOTOPASS, which includes three former members of ILUV.

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