CSJH The Grace’s Stephanie Talks About Her Relationship With Former Major League Baseball Player

On the August 5 broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star,” CSJH The Grace’s Stephanie discussed her relationship with Brady Anderson.

In June, Stephanie confirmed the dating news with a handwritten letter on Instagram.

During the show, Stephanie spoke candidly about her boyfriend, who is 23 years her senior. She said, “We’re not considering marriage yet. Americans don’t think of marriage the same way Koreans do.”

Stephanie revealed that she’d been waiting to appear on “Radio Star” after the dating news broke out but that she’d gotten calls to appear on a show about marriage instead.

Then she shared, “Currently, we’re in a long-distance relationship. I haven’t seen him in five months.” When asked how she’s able to continue dating without meeting up with him for a long time, Stephanie said, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Stephanie talked about how the couple met for the first time without knowing much about each other. “He was the vice-president of baseball operations,” she said. “When I was working as a ballerina, I met him at a banquet hall in Los Angeles. He asked me recently, ‘Weren’t you 35 years old when we met?'” Stephanie revealed that she was actually 25 at the time.

“Then I asked him if he was around 40 back then, but he was actually over 50 years old,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie continued, “My boyfriend just found out that I was a singer. I also found out he was a baseball player later on.”

On the topic of the couple’s age gap, she commented, “I liked it even when I knew about his age. It’s comfortable.”

Stephanie then told a story about an argument she had with her boyfriend. “I was friends with Brady Anderson for eight years, and he even knew my mom,” she began. “He’s actually only four years apart in age with my mom.” Stephanie mentioned that Brady Anderson was born in 1964.

She continued, “We kept being friends, but when we met again this year, we got into a fight about something small. We both have pride as people involved in baseball and ballet, and when I said that I put ice on my injuries, he told me that wasn’t backed by science and said to bring him the evidence.”

“He then said to me, ‘At least pretend to listen to me since your boyfriend was a former Major League Baseball player,'” Stephanie shared. “I thought to myself, ‘Was I his girlfriend?’ He never said anything about it being our first day of dating, but after he told me that, I was still annoyed, but it put me in a good mood.” She added that she considers the day of their argument the first day they started dating.

Stephanie had nothing but praise for her boyfriend, revealing that he doesn’t smoke or drink. “He doesn’t even take painkillers,” she said. “He’s a bit strange. I’d be very serious about something, but everything is a joke to him. He’s an innocent soul. Once, he wore an American football helmet that someone gifted him all day around the house.”

She then talked about the similarities between American and Korean men. Stephanie said, “They always say, ‘When I was your age…’ and talk about the past. They always do that.”

Stephanie added, “Even though he was a Major League Baseball player, he doesn’t really spend his money. He doesn’t care about his fashion and doesn’t dress up much.”

Stephanie was born in South Korea and raised in California. She joined SM Entertainment in 2004 and debuted as part of CSJH The Grace in 2005. In 2012, she began her career as a solo singer and is also active as a ballerina and musical actress. In 2016, she left SM Entertainment after her contract expired.

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