Update: Former AOA Member Mina Shares Apology And Deletes Instagram Account

Updated August 12 KST:

After writing an apology earlier in the day, former AOA member Mina has deleted her Instagram account.

A source from Woori Actors shared with Hankook Ilbo, “It appears that Kwon Mina deleted her social media account herself. It was not a measure taken by the agency. Kwon Mina has decided to focus on her treatment, and it seems that she came to the conclusion that she should delete her social media account.”

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Former AOA member Mina has written an apology.

Warning: discussion of suicide

In July, Mina shared a series of posts in which she wrote that she had been bullied by her former member Jimin for several years. Jimin went on to share a written apology, which Mina responded to. Jimin later left the group. Since then, Mina has talked about her relationship with the other AOA members and her continued frustrations as she tries to receive a sincere apology from AOA members and FNC Entertainment.

On August 8, Mina posted on Instagram with a photo of her cut wrist and a concerning message. Afterwards, her current agency Woori Actors shared that she was being treated at a hospital, and they later stated that she was discharged on August 10.

Mina then posted the following apology on her Instagram on August 11:

Many people have been worried about me and supported me, but I disappointed them again, and so I’m really sorry.. To everyone who was hurt because of me.. and to everyone who must have been surprised when they saw that photo, I once again apologize.. I heard that when I wouldn’t wake up then, my past FNC family members stayed by my side all night.. I met with chairman Han Sung Ho today. I really liked FNC and AOA.. I was so sad to quit AOA because of this issue and it was so hard.. Today I could feel the chairman’s sincerity while I listened to him speak.. I just really regret that it’s turned out like this.. To my fans who worried about me, my acquaintances, my family.. and to the AOA fans who must be going through a hard time because of me, I’m so sorry.. I’m going to reflect and work hard at treatment so that this doesn’t happen again.. I’m really sorry..


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