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ONEUS participated in an interview about their comeback with their new mini album, “LIVED,” and title track “To Be or Not To Be.”

“LIVED” is ONEUS’s first comeback since releasing the single “A Song Written Easily” in March. The group said, “We’re nervous but excited. We want to show how much ONEUS has grown in these past five months.”

ONEUS said, “The title track, ‘To Be or Not to Be,’ is about the conflict and danger in the moment of a difficult decision. In the album composition, jacket photos, and music video, the members’ singing, dancing, facial expressions, and storytelling are all things to look forward to.”

They continued, “A key point for ‘To Be or Not to Be’ is how the dance lines up with the song and the story. Like the lyrics, the stage performance is detailed but gets more intense and raises the tension to immerse the audience.”

Asked about their songwriting process, Ravn said, “If I think about an interesting idea or concept or a sentence or a phrase, I put that in the title and write the first verse with that theme in mind. I sing to myself as I write the lyrics and I keep erasing and fixing it as I go. These days, I’m trying new methods of songwriting so that I don’t get stuck in a rut.”

Seoho said, “If I think of something good, whether it’s a melody or lyrics, I record or write it down right away. I make that into a big frame for me to work inside.”

Leedo said, “I’m the type to think about realistic experiences when I’m writing songs. I think about things that could happen to other people, or things that I have experienced myself. I try to use expressions that I use a lot so that other people can relate to my songs.”

About their experience on “Road to Kingdom,” ONEUS said, “We learned a lot from the show. It was a lot of fun preparing performances that would convey the message we wanted to tell. For each performance, we would think, ‘How can we express this more?’ and ‘What stories do we want to tell?'”

ONEUS was also asked about ranking in Billboard’s Social 50 chart for two consecutive weeks. “We still can’t wrap our heads around [our global popularity],” the group said. “But we feel in our hearts the support that fans send us, and we are preparing performances to bring them happiness.”

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