Jamie Talks About Park Jin Young's Reaction To Her New Music, Her Experience On

Following her recent comeback, Jamie (formerly known as Park Jimin) sat down for an interview with Star News!

After parting ways with JYP Entertainment last year, Jamie made her first comeback under her new agency Warner Music Korea on September 3.

Regarding her new song “Numbers,” Jamie explained, “Although it’s really impressive to receive good results or a great score after working very hard, there are a lot of things that make you stop there. For example, there are so many numbers like grades, views, rankings, and follower counts that can make you feel like you are losing your own individuality. I started working on this song with the thought that I wanted to tell people, ‘You are someone who cannot be defined by numbers.'”

Although they are no longer under the same agency, Jamie also revealed that she met up with JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young ahead of her comeback. Recalling the words of support she got from him, she said, “We talked about our personal lives, and then I had him listen to my music. He told me, ‘I think this is the first time I’ve seen you so calm and at peace. It’s so good to see.’ That’s why I think I’ve been able to feel comfortable mentally while enjoying making music.”

Jamie also discussed feedback from the public and her new approach to making music. She shared, “I always had a concern in my heart where I wondered, ‘Does my music have no charm because I haven’t found my own unique color yet? Is the music I’m making only relatable for me?’ As someone who makes music, music has to be comforting for me too. However, everyone wants others to be able to relate to them. That’s why I think it would be great if this time, people could relate to my story in ‘Numbers,’ and I could touch the hearts of others [through the song].”

She added, “I think I’d be really satisfied if I got responses like ‘She finally found the music she wants to do’ and ‘She found her color.'”

Earlier this summer, Jamie participated in Mnet’s “Good Girl,” where she was able to collaborate with other female artists and compete against different teams. Jamie described the program as “an opportunity to rediscover the appeal of being on stage.”

She continued, “There are also a lot of people who are still unfamiliar with me, but I hope that continues. I actually don’t mind reactions like ‘Who is she?’ and ‘She looks like Park Jimin.’ I won’t be greedy and am working hard so that many people can view me in a positive light.”

When asked about her decision to sign with Warner Music Korea, Jamie explained, “I was extremely impressed when they told me that I wasn’t alone.” The interviewer mentioned that compared to other agencies, Warner Music Korea might give her an advantage in venturing into the global market, and she wittily commented, “Warner Music Korea, are you listening?”

Jamie added, “I do want to venture overseas, and signing with my agency could provide a shortcut. However, I don’t want to do it like that. I want to continue building my skills so that opportunities to venture overseas arise naturally. I also think that becoming an artist worthy of that comes first. If I keep doing my own music, won’t I maybe one day be able to release music together with my love Cardi B?”

Check out the music video for Jamie’s new single “Numbers” (featuring Changmo) here!

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