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If you’re someone who pays attention to Asian dramas in general, then you’ve probably noticed C-drama “Go Ahead” on your social media timeline. This is a drama that will make you swoon, laugh, cry, and gasp all in one episode, and leave you with a warm-tingling feeling in your heart. The story is centered on a non-blood-related family unit of five and their relationships with their other family members as well as their friends.

As is life, we see the three siblings Ling Xiao (Song Wei Long), He Zi Qiu (Steven Zhang), and Lee Jian Jian (Tang Song Yun) experience growing pains while maturing and going through various struggles and hardships. But through it all, they have each other, they have their families, and they have their friends to help them through.

Ling Xiao, Jian Jian, and He Zi Qiu, all in adorably matching tees! 

While there are plenty of parts in the drama that will have you sobbing and reaching for the tissues, there’s also a super adorable romance that adds a dash of sweetness to everything. And that romance is between none other than Ling Xiao and Jian Jian. Ling Xiao pulls of the swoony lines so well, and we, like Jian Jian, easily fall under his spell.

Here are some moments between Ling Xiao and Jian Jian that have us reminiscing about them even now. (List doesn’t include the 300 head pats, hand holding, and shoulder hugs):

When Ling Xiao becomes a dentist

Jian Jian has always been afraid of going to the dentist ever since she was young, but her massive sweet tooth makes these trips inevitable. One day during their teen years, after Ling Xiao takes her to the dentist, Jian Jian casually mentions that if he were a dentist, then she wouldn’t be as afraid.

This little passing remark is planted in Ling Xiao’s heart, and years later, he actually does become a dentist. The things this man does for Jian Jian!

When Ling Xiao returns from Singapore

When Ling Xiao’s mother gets in an accident, Ling Xiao travels to Singapore to take care of her. Ling Xiao and Jian Jian have video calls during their time apart and he asks her to do aegyo for her to ease their longing (which she does without any hesitation). And when he finally comes back, she leaps into his arms and refuses to get down. They’ve barely been apart before, so it’s easy to see why they miss each other so much.

When Jian Jian learns Ling Xiao is leaving for good

Jian Jian learns that both her brothers, Ling Xiao and He Zi Qiu, will be going overseas for good after their high school graduation. This comes as a major shock to Jian Jian, as their plans were always to go to Beijing to study together. She feels betrayed by this sudden change of heart, so she hides out in her room and cries under the blankets. Ling Xiao goes to comfort her, but she’s too heartbroken to hear anything he says, firmly believing that once they leave, they wouldn’t be her brothers anymore. And that’s when Ling Xiao says, “When you grow up, let’s be together forever?” BOOM! Jian Jian doesn’t hear/understand the context of that sentence, but we know… we know!

When we learn that Ling Xiao once saved Jian Jian

We first hear from He Zi Qiu that Ling Xiao and Jian Jian once performed marriage ceremonial bows. It’s only later in the show that we learn the story behind this incident, and it was because Ling Xiao had saved Jian Jian from being kidnapped when they were kids. A couple of thugs grabbed Jian Jian, but Ling Xiao slowed them down enough for adults to notice the commotion and help them. When Jian Jian’s father realized what had happened, he asks Jian Jian to bow to Ling He Ping (Ling Xiao’s father) and acknowledge him as her godfather. This leads to Jian Jian also bowing to Ling Xiao and calling him “ge ge” (older brother), and before we know it, the two kids are hilariously taking turns bowing to each other, reminiscent of a traditional marriage ceremony.

When Ling Xiao makes his move

After 10 years apart, Ling Xiao (and Zi Qiu) return back to their hometown. After a few weeks, Ling Xiao decides to fly back to Singapore to tie up loose ends, but he promises that he will be back in time for the death-anniversary of Jian Jian’s mother. However, he gets held up in Singapore and doesn’t make it back in time. Jian Jian is worried that his mother is keeping him stranded in Singapore and so she buries her concerns in alcohol. Unbeknownst to her, Ling Xiao does make it back (he grabs a later flight) and rushes to her side, only to find her asleep. So he stealthily leans in and kisses her gently on the forehead… and on the nose… and on the…. nowhere. Because just before he plants one on her lips, he realizes Jian Jian’s already awake!

Needless to say, Jian Jian is shocked by the turn of events but Ling Xiao tells her that he wants to be in a relationship with her — a relationship that is recognized by the law, a relationship that can only be achieved through marriage. Because when she laid claim to him and took him home when they were kids, he was already hers. Forever. *screams internally*

When Ling Xiao makes his intentions very clear

Jian Jian finds it hard to wrap her mind around how Ling Xiao feels about her, so she chooses to avoid the issue instead. Ling Xiao nudges and prods her to change her way of thinking but Jian Jian argues that while you can “lead an ox to the water, you can’t force the ox’s head down to drink the water.” (ie. you can’t force someone to do something they don’t want to do). Ling Xiao agrees to her logic, but he also says that when she does “want to drink,” he’ll make sure he’s the only “bowl of water” in front of her! Heh! Talk about a tall drink of water!

And because we love He Zi Qiu so much, you can’t miss out on the following scene which is just the cherry on top. Jian Jian, exasperated with Ling Xiao’s determination, is relieved to see her “sane” brother. But unbeknownst to her, Zi Qiu is there to make his romantic feelings clear to her too!

“It is comfortable to be around you.” 

The way he’s desperately clinging onto her. LOL!

“I think of you as a brother but you want to have kids with me?!”

When Ling Xiao helps Jian Jian take her mind off things

After Jian Jian gets into a major fight with her roommate Tang Can (He Rui Xian), she storms off to Ling Xiao and Zi Qiu’s apartment to hide out. She vents to Ling Xiao, telling him how angry and frustrated she is, and will probably not be able to sleep that night. Ling Xiao offers a solution, but Jian Jian insists that nothing will work at this point. So Ling Xiao says he’ll give it a try anyway, and pulls Jian Jian in and kisses her. It’s a proper kiss, and I’m sure Jian Jian isn’t the only one who’s wide-eyed and heart-racing here.

Jian Jian’s pretty much in a trance from the kiss, and shyly hides her head in the sofa, but at least she ain’t busy thinking about the fight anymore!

When Ling Xiao is unsatisfied with Jian Jian’s height

Jian Jian takes Ling Xiao to her university campus, where she shows him the tree she once planted. There, Ling Xiao notes how much their height difference is and jokingly complains that Jian Jian is too short. Jian Jian retorts that her height doesn’t affect him, but he argues that it does — it’s tiring to bend down. So he picks her up, props her up against that tree, and kisses her!

And if you haven’t gotten enough of this OTP, watch a supercut of all their cutesy, swoony moments here (credits to Amakusa Review):

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Have you watched this drama? How much did Ling Xiao make you swoon, and how much did He Zi Qiu made you cry and laugh? Let us know in the comments below! 

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