Update: PENTAGON Unveils Dramatic MV Teaser For “Daisy”

Updated October 12 KST: 

PENTAGON has shared the second MV teaser for “Daisy”!

Updated October 11 KST: 

PENTAGON has shared a spoiler for their choreography for their upcoming title track “Daisy”!

Updated October 11 KST:

PENTAGON dropped moving teaser photos for their upcoming 10th mini album “WE:TH”!

Updated October 9 KST:

PENTAGON shared their first MV teaser for “Daisy”!

Updated October 8 KST:

PENTAGON revealed an audio snippet preview for the mini album “WE:TH”!

Updated October 7 KST:

PENTAGON shared their “UNSEEN” version concept photos for “WE:TH”!

Updated October 6 KST:

PENTAGON released their first teaser photos for the mini album “WE:TH”! The set is the “SEEN” version.

Updated October 5 KST: 

PENTAGON has shared the track list for their upcoming mini album!

The title track, which Hui and Wooseok wrote and composed, is “Daisy.” Hui also wrote and composed “You Like” with Wooseok, while Kino helped write and compose “Beautiful Goodbye” and “Paradise” with Wooseok. Wooseok also wrote and composed “That Year, That Month, That Day” (literal translation). The sixth track, “I’m Here,” is a solo track from Jinho (who is currently in the military) that will only be available on the CD. Jinho also wrote and composed the track.

The group also dropped an interview film titled “WE: PENTAGON”:

Updated September 29 KST:

PENTAGON released a schedule for their “WE:TH” comeback teasers!

Updated September 28 KST: 

PENTAGON has announced the release date and title of their upcoming comeback!

The group will release their 10th mini album, “WE:TH,” on October 12 at 6 p.m. KST.

Original Article:

PENTAGON shared a trailer for their October comeback!

The video is titled “Keep Us by Your Side.” The members narrate, “The stars that shone in the pitch-black night sky. The hearts that were beautifully embroided there like white flowers. Not all stories can be beautiful and sparkling, but there are days that I like. Our time that’s still peaceful. Even when we’re apart, we can share joy, sadness, pain, and happiness. We remain here together.”

Watch the comeback trailer below!

It was recently announced that Yan An will be returning to join the group for this comeback! Ahead of their comeback, PENTAGON opened up in an interview video about Jinho’s military enlistment, Yan An’s hiatus and return, memorable moments in their career, and more.

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