Stars Recommend Movies To Watch During Chuseok Holidays

Celebrities have shared their movie recommendations for people staying home during this year’s Chuseok!

Commonly known as the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving, this year’s Chuseok is on October 1, and the holiday begins on September 30. Due to the pandemic, many people will be staying at home instead of having big family gatherings. To help the time pass by, Korean media outlet Ilgan Sports interviewed various celebrities about their movie recommendations!

Kim Soo Hyun: “Anne of Green Gables”

The actor shared, “While watching how this young girl tries to gain love and meet the eyes of other people, you can’t help but fall for this young girl’s charm as she shows her emotions in an innocent and lovable manner. Although she was thrown away and abused by adults, she loves her life and lives passionately. While watching Anne’s rich imagination and emotional world, I hope you can ease the boredom of staying indoors.”

Ryu Jun Yeol: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “The Greatest Showman”

On his recommendation of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” Ryu Jun Yeol shared, “In this period of ‘new normal,’ it’ll be an adventure at home. It’s enjoyable just thinking about it. It’s even more fun if you watch it!” With his second recommendation, Ryu Jun Yeol explained, “Since the day I watched the movie, I’ve enjoyed listening to the OST. While listening with my eyes closed, the scenes appear vividly in front of my eyes. It’s the perfect musical to watch at home.”

Ma Dong Seok: “The Rider,” “Wind River,” and “The Wrestler”

Ma Dong Seok shared, “[‘The Rider] is a film with director Chloé Zhao’s detailed view. It leaves a deep lingering image while giving us the path to think about our dreams and reality, hopes and courage, and sadness in our lives.” On “Wind River,” Ma Dong Seok revealed, “I like screenplay writer Taylor Sheridan who wrote ‘Sicario.’ ‘Wind River’ is a project he directed. It’s a thriller with a unique perspective.” Finally, Ma Dong Seok recommended “The Wrestler.” He explained, “The lonely view of Mickey Rourke from the back still makes my heart cry. It’s also a film with amazingly clean directing from director Darren Aronofsky.”

IZ*ONE’s Kim Min Ju : “Inception” and “Little Forest

On her reason for recommending “Inception,” Kim Min Ju commented, ‘It’s a masterpiece, so you have to watch it periodically.” About her second recommendation, Kim Min Ju shared, “You can escape from complicated thoughts while watching the cooking scenes.”

BTS’s V: “The Legend of 1900”

As a fan of jazz music, V recommended the song “Magic Waltz” from the soundtrack of the film “The Legend of 1900.” He also described “The Legend of 1900” as “the film of a lifetime” for him.

Shin Min Ah: “I, Daniel Blake” and “I Like It As It Is Now” (literal title)

On the film “I, Daniel Blake,” Shin Min Ah shared, “I recently watched it, and the film resonated with me a lot.” In addition to the movie, the actress also recommended the book “I Like It As It Is Now.” She revealed, “While reading this book, I was very comforted. I would recommend it to anyone going through a difficult time.”

MONSTA X’s I.M: “Little Forest

I.M shared, “While looking for a film I could watch comfortably without burden, I coincidentally saw this film.” He elaborated, “While watching the film, I had zero concerns, and it was very comforting. I don’t know if it’s because I usually get delivery food while living busily, but I kept thinking of warm food made at home that’s steaming even though there isn’t much to it.” I.M described, “In this time of difficulty, it’s a film that will make everyone feel comfortable.”

Yum Jung Ah: “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sorry We Missed You”

Yum Jung Ah shared about “Pride and Prejudice,” “It’s one of the movies I rewatched recently. I recommend it because I think it’s a film full of beautiful and happy energy to the extent that I felt even more touched than when I watched it in the past.” The actress also recommended “Sorry We Missed You.” On her reason, she explained, “Not only is it the story of us living in this time period, but it’s a family story that anyone can relate to. It’s a film with a deafening echo, so please watch it once.”

Yoo Ah In: “Skeletons in the Closet,” “Boomerang Family,” and “Little Miss Sunshine”

Yoo Ah In shared, “I’m recommending three family films in which their unique styles and refreshing nature stand out. I think it will be nice if everyone naturally pictures their families in their hearts while following the simple yet creative stories as well as each unique character. This holiday in particular, there must be many people who won’t be with family, so I hope the warm comfort from these lovable families in these films will be with everyone this Chuseok.”

Yoo Jae Suk: “Infinite Challenge

Rather than a film, Yoo Jae Suk recommended watching the entire “Infinite Challenge” show. He shared, “The reason is because it seems as if laughter is what’s most needed during these times. I also watch reruns or rewatch certain episodes I want to watch, and there’s a different interesting point each time I watch.” He added that another interesting point is seeing the members’ past selves and watching the cast mature together.

Lee Byung Hun: “The Last Dance”

The actor explained, “It’s a documentary that paints Michael Jordan’s life story. Condensing the narrative of Michael Jordan’s life, the documentary is just as interesting and meaningful as a story.”

Jeon Do Yeon: “Nothing Like a Dame”

Jeon Do Yeon shared, “From Youn Yuh Jung‘s recommendation, I saw the documentary ‘Nothing Like a Dame.'” She explained, “While becoming exhausted, wanting to give up, and forgetting the little things to be grateful for these days due to COVID-19, it was a film that made me look back on my time again and made me think about what I should be doing in this time right now.”

TWICE’s Chaeyoung: “At Eternity’s Gate”

Chaeyoung, who is a fan of artist Vincent van Gogh, recommended the film “At Eternity’s Gate.” Chaeyoung even previously revealed that she wants to visit Amsterdam because she is such a big fan of the artist.

Paul Kim: “Moonlit Winter”

Paul Kim shared, “While it may seem to have a cold tone, the honest and simple expression and editing actually made the story even more realistic and touching.” The singer explained that the film made him realize the importance of family. He added, “I recommend watching it with someone precious to you.”

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