SHINee’s Minho Shares Stories From The Military + Talks About Keeping Up With Members’ Activities, Meeting AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk, And More

SHINee’s Minho hosted his first V Live broadcast after being discharged from military service!

The November 16 broadcast was titled “MINHO : I’m Home,” and Minho began by saying hello to fans and announcing that he’s returned from the military. Fans told him that SHINee’s Onew and Key were promoting his live broadcast, and Minho joked, “They’ve become more mature after being in the military. They’ve changed.”

He continued, “When I was in the military, I watched everything, from Taemin’s comeback broadcast to everything Onew and Key were on. Sadly, while I was watching it it would become time for me to hand in my phone.”

Minho also spoke about meeting AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk in the Marine Corps, which Lee Chan Hyuk previously talked about on “Ask Us Anything.” Minho explained that Lee Chan Hyuk was much higher in seniority than him (as Lee Chan Hyuk enlisted in the Marine Corps in September 2017 and Minho enlisted in April 2019). Their service periods only overlapped by about two weeks, but they’d met on a weekend.

Minho said about Lee Chan Hyuk, “He seemed so high up. I was envious. I was grateful for his advice. Their album came out today. I hope you’ll listen to AKMU’s album a lot too.”

Onew then appeared in the studio with a cake. Onew said he’s been filming things lately and practicing singing. Onew praised Minho’s looks and Minho replied, “I took good care of my looks toward the end. I did a face pack each day.”

Onew and Minho went on to talk about many things together. On the topic of what he gained through his military life, Minho said that he’s become faster at changing clothes. “I usually change quickly for things like concerts. But I’ve become even faster,” he said.

In addition, Minho named TWICE’s “Fancy” as a song he heard a lot in the military. “In the military, I went to do religious activities,” he said. “TWICE’s ‘Fancy’ was released at the time. My fellow soldiers were big fans of TWICE’s song.” He continued, “It was the background music to my military life.”

Minho went on to say, “I’m grateful to all of Korea’s girl groups. You give officers in the armed forces a lot of strength.”

When asked what experience in the military he felt proud about or he felt was really worthwhile, Minho named taking part in military aid to civil authorities. “I went to help people who had suffered damage because of the typhoon,” he said. Minho shared that he’d helped a struggling elderly man whose farm had been damaged, and he’d put his all into working hard that day. “He gave me bibimbap as a snack, and I felt proud,” he said.

They also spoke to Key over the phone during the show, and Key teased him, “Are you still doing the broadcast? You talked about being in the paratroops, didn’t you?”

Minho replied, “The fans were hearing it for the first time.” Key said, “It’s not a problem that you’re telling stories about the military, but make sure they’re fun stories.”

When asked for any fun stories from his own time in the military or times he’d made mistakes, Key replied, “I shared all my fun stories that other time. I don’t make mistakes much.”

Minho went on to ask him, “Why do you always leave my messages on read? Why didn’t you coordinate your vacation so it’d match up with mine?” Key joked in reply, “I don’t know how to use my phone keyboard.” He added, “I tried to match up our vacations but it didn’t work out.”

When it came time for Onew to leave, Minho thanked him for coming. Minho then changed out of his uniform and into a stylish outfit. He shared that he felt awkward since he looked like a civilian and laughed.

“Even this morning, when I woke up I felt like I was just on vacation,” he said. “It still doesn’t feel real. I think I’ll keep feeling like this for another one or two weeks.”

Welcome back, Minho!

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