AKMU Shares Their Goals For New Single, Explains Why Lee Chanhyuk Unfollowed Lee Suhyun On Instagram, And More

AKMU has made their return!

On November 16, brother-sister duo AKMU released “HAPPENING,” their first single in one year and two months. During their online press conference, Lee Chanhyuk commented, “We wanted to release many songs, but we’re currently preparing them. We thought this would be a great song to hand out like a snack before that, so we confidently released it.”

How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love” was the title track off their latest album “SAILING” which is still doing well on the charts despite being released over a year ago. Regarding this, Lee Chanhyuk shared, “Even if the results weren’t great, it would’ve been an album we were extremely satisfied with. It was a great album in itself but we are so thankful that it received so much love and is still on the charts a year later.”

He continued, “We prepared this single with a comparatively lighter heart. It plays the role of connecting to our next full-length album.”

When asked which singer they wanted to collaborate with, the duo picked veteran Lee So Ra whom Lee Suhyun recently worked with on the show “Begin Again.” Lee Chanhyuk explained, “On ‘Begin Again,’ Lee So Ra sang ‘Moon’ with Suhyun, which is a song I wrote. I couldn’t even imagine that song would change like that. As soon as Lee So Ra began singing, I was overwhelmed with the thought, ‘I want to work with her.'”

Lee Suhyun added, “She’s a senior artist who’s on everyone’s list of desired collaborations. If she just agrees, it would be such an honor.”

Lee Suhyun also talked about her recent solo debut with “Alien.” She shared, “It was so fun to have the focus on me. For AKMU albums, Chanhyuk’s story is the focus that is told through my perspective and my voice. Chanhyuk wrote ‘Alien’ for me from start to finish so I was able to interpret it in my own way, without having to interpret it a second time. It felt like singing my own identity. It was a time that allowed me to realize how precious my brother is.”

Amid discussions of their close relationship, the two also explained the story behind Lee Chanhyuk unfollowing Lee Suhyun on Instagram, which had become the subject of news articles. Lee Chanhyuk commented, “To be honest, I did it without any thought. I just wanted to follow people who matched with the vibe of my social media.”

Lee Suhyun added, “I also found out through a news article. I looked at it wondering what was going on but it was about the unfollowing. We had no fight at all. We are peaceful as ever. Even after hearing that he unfollowed me, I felt nothing. Some people would even see us following each other and comment, ‘Do siblings follow one another?'”

She continued, “It’s such a minor happening that you can’t even call it a happening. If there weren’t reports written about it, I wouldn’t even have noticed he unfollowed me.”

Regarding their hopes for “HAPPENING,” Lee Chanhyuk shared, “I hope the public think, ‘What songs will they make in the future? How will they make them?’ and are able to discover a new charm to us.” Lee Suhyun added, “There’s no profound message and we didn’t try to twist any expressions. We made both the lyrics and the melody so that people could relate. I hope that lots of listeners are able to relate as they listen.”

Watch the music video for “HAPPENING” here!

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