EXO's Kai Compares Solo And Group Promotions, Tells Story About His

EXO’s Kai spoke about making his solo debut and more while on the December 8 episode of “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”!

It was Kai’s first time on a radio show on his own, and he said, “I’m always going on radio shows so I shouldn’t be nervous, but since I’m being called a rookie, I feel more nervous for no real reason and think, ‘I shouldn’t make a mistake.'”

Kai is known for being a fashionista, and he shared that he does care about his fashion even when he’s dressing comfortably. When asked to show off his full outfit that day, which he and the host had described as a “boyfriend look,” Kai laughed as he showed that he was wearing no socks and his heels were folding down the backs of his shoes. He shared, “My feet don’t get sweaty so if I wear socks it’s uncomfortable like the feeling of wearing gloves,” he said. “That’s why I don’t wear socks.”

Kai was also asked about how he often carries a bag. “I usually carry around my wallet and phone with me, but if I put them in my pocket then I often lose them,” he said. “It’s good if I’ve got a bag because I don’t lose them. I have about 10 bags that I can carry on my shoulder.”

On the topic of how his debuts with EXO and SuperM and as a solo artist felt different, Kai said, “I didn’t know a thing when I debuted with EXO. I was 19 years old and I was just like a baby entering the world. With SuperM’s debut, I had already been active before so I wasn’t incredibly nervous and it didn’t feel very new. Instead I had to be more prepared and show an improved version of myself. With my solo debut, I only have to show myself. So the reality of it hits me a bit more now.”

Kai also talked about his recent appearance on the reality show “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”), when he showed himself at home. His day included taking care of his rambunctious niece and nephew. Kai shared on the radio show that he is close with his sisters and spends a lot of time with them. “I enjoy spending time with my family,” he said.

“My mother came over to my place recently and she hadn’t stopped streaming my song,” shared Kai. “That was so cute and I was so grateful. She says things like, ‘How could I give birth to a son like this?’ She tells me to take it easy and be careful with my body.”

On the biggest difference between promoting with fellow group members and as a solo artist, Kai said, “It feels the most lonely and empty when I’m eating.”

“During group promotions, we can order a lot of different things and share it together, but now when I just order one thing to eat, it makes me think of the members,” he said. “Also, when I don’t have energy in the mornings, I feel lonely and it feels like a shame. On the other hand, it’s good when I want to be alone and when I don’t like noise, and it gives me time to focus.”

Choi Hwa Jung said that she’d seen a new side of him on variety television, and Kai spoke about how he had gained a boost of confidence after a clip of him on “Ask Us Anything” had gone viral. “If I’m invited on variety shows, then I want to do that,” he said. “Before I went on that show, my friends called me fun but no one believed it. My fans didn’t believe it either, but now they believe it bit by bit.”

The DJ also mentioned how his niece and nephew had teased him a lot during their filming for “Home Alone.” Kai explained, “They’re not usually like that but I think the kids understood how television shows work. After it was over, they said that they’d want to go on television again if I do.” He said, “They don’t usually joke around like that when I’m resting, but they understand that it was a TV show and joked around more that day.”

Kai also shared, “When I think of winter, the song that I think of is EXO’s ‘First Snow.’ It’s fresh and the song is really good.”

He went on to say, “The best thing I did this year was release my album. It really took about eight months. I’m glad that I could release it this year.”

Kai made his solo debut on November 30 with his first solo mini album and the title track “Mmmh.” Check out the music video here!

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