Watch: ONEUS Gets Bold In MV For “No Diggity” Comeback

Updated January 19 KST:

ONEUS has returned with new music!

On January 19 at 6 p.m. KST, the group released their first full album “DEVIL” along with the music video for the title track.

“No diggity” is a hybrid trap song with a hip hop base and trendy guitar riff. It was written by Lee Sang Ho, Seo Yong Bae, Lee Hoo Sang, and Inner child.

Check out the music video below:

Updated January 17 KST:

ONEUS has released a highlight medley for their upcoming full-length album “DEVIL”!

Check out the new clip below:

Updated January 16 KST:

ONEUS released a new teaser image for their first full album “DEVIL”!

Updated January 15 KST:

ONEUS shared the MV teaser for “No diggity”!

Updated January 14 KST:

ONEUS shared teaser films for Ravn and Keonhee as they gear up to return with “No diggity”!

Updated January 13 KST:

ONEUS released teaser films for Leedo and Seoho!

Updated January 12 KST:

ONEUS has released new teasers starring Xion and Hwanwoong for their upcoming comeback with “No Diggity”!

Check out both clips below:

Updated January 11 KST:

ONEUS has shared a new concept photo for their upcoming return with “DEVIL”!

Updated January 10 KST:

ONEUS has released a stunning video for their upcoming track “Intro : Devil is in the detail”!

Check it out below:

Updated January 8 KST:

ONEUS shared a track list for their full album “DEVIL”!

The album will have 11 songs in all, including an intro and outro, the title track “No diggity,” and their previously released song “BBUSYEO.”

Ravn and Seoho are credited as co-composers on “Leftover,” and Ravn and Leedo have taken part in writing lyrics for “Intro: Devil is in the detail,” “Incomplete,” “BBUSYEO,” “Rewind,” “What you doing?”, and “I.P.U.” Ravn, Leedo, and Seoho contributed lyrics to “Leftover” and “Youth.”

Updated January 7 KST:

ONEUS released teaser photos of Keonhee and Xion for their return with “DEVIL”!

Updated January 6 KST:

ONEUS shared Ravn and Seoho’s teaser photos for “DEVIL”!

Updated January 5 KST:

ONEUS revealed teaser photos of Hwanwoong and Leedo as they prepare to release their first full album “DEVIL”!

Updated January 4 KST:

ONEUS has released a gorgeous concept photo for their upcoming return with “DEVIL”!

Updated January 3 KST:

ONEUS shared new teaser images for their comeback with “DEVIL”!

The first set of three images includes cards of a red hue, while the next three images show cards of a blue hue.

Original Article:

ONEUS announced their comeback plans with a teaser video!

The group has revealed that they’ll make a return on January 19 with “DEVIL.” The video appears to connect their new release with their August mini album “LIVED,” with the letters of their album rearranging to become “DEVIL.”

Stay tuned for more updates on ONEUS’s comeback!

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