Choi Woo Shik Talks About Working With Jung Yu Mi, Opens Up About Past Struggles, And More

Choi Woo Shik recently participated in a pictorial for Vogue Korea!

In the accompanying interview, the actor spoke about the dizzying year he had as he jumped back and forth between filming schedules for his latest films and attending the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony with his fellow “Parasite” cast members, where the film took home four Oscars in total. He recalled, “I wrapped up filming in Korea at dawn and hopped on a plane to the United States. 30 minutes after my arrival, I had gotten ready at the hotel and gone to the awards ceremony. It almost felt like a dream, not only because of the time difference, but also because of the atmosphere.”

When the interviewer mentioned that he spoke as if he were still dreaming, Choi Woo Shik replied that winning an award at the 26th SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards was an especially dream-like experience. “The director always said that he hoped that the actors themselves would be recognized. He said that he wanted nothing more than to win an award at the SAG Awards,” he said.

Moving on to discuss his more recent works, Choi Woo Shik expressed his excitement to reveal a different side of himself in his upcoming film “The Policeman’s Lineage.” He explained, “Rather than looking strong on the outside, my character is one who is solid and unbreakable on the inside. I really wanted to do a good job.”

Choi Woo Shik also revealed his reason for taking part in the upcoming Netflix film “Wonderland,” saying that he was impressed by the director Kim Tae Yong after watching his 2006 film “Family Ties.” He added, “No matter who you ask, they’ll tell you that the director is a gentleman. He’s the best listener. He always listens carefully to what the actors have to say.”

When asked about his close ties with Jung Yu Mi, Choi Woo Shik shared that they spent a few months living together since they had to film many scenes for “Wonderland” in the countryside. He also previously worked with the actress on the tvN variety show “Summer Vacation,” and the pair are also set to appear in “Youn’s Stay,” the new spin-off format of “Youn’s Kitchen.”

Choi Woo Shik had nothing but admiration for Jung Yu Mi as he described her acting style and how her techniques made him reflect on his own acting as well. “I want to become an actor who becomes immersed in their role and feels their emotions as they act, just like Jung Yu Mi,” he said.

Choi Woo Shik then shared a personal story to explain why he chose to appear on calm and cozy variety shows like “Youn’s Kitchen” and “Summer Vacation.” Although he didn’t feel much stress when he first began acting, he confessed that he slowly began to lose interest in the process. He confessed, “I even developed insomnia after getting weighed down by my desire to do a better job and live up to the expectations of others.”

He continued, “Whether it be through films or dramas or variety programs, I wanted to enjoy the process and become happy so that I can do what I love for a long time.”

He also confessed that while he could have taken a break when he was going through a slump, he knew that he wouldn’t have known what to do with his free time. When the interviewer brought up his words from a previous interview, “I enjoy work more than rest,” Choi Woo Shik agreed as he added, “There were ups and downs.”

Bringing up the film “Set Me Free,” Choi Woo Shik mentioned that there was a time where he thought it would be his last film. “I was planning on wrapping thing up and returning home,” he recalled. “However, it was through ‘Set Me Free’ that I gained some self-confidence and new doors opened. If I just believed in myself, I could have stopped being so hasty, but I couldn’t do that at the time. However, I’ve gotten much better since then.”

Choi Woo Shik revealed his love for traveling as he said, “I like the mountains, but recently I’m drawn in by the sea. Instead of going to see a specific location, I like trips where I can just wander around in nature and eat meals in the neighborhood. I really hope the time comes again where we can all eat in-flight meals and enjoy the smell of a tour bus.”

He also shared his desire to go camping with his friends once the COVID-19 situation ameliorates. When asked what he likes about camping, Choi Woo Shik emphasized the depth of experience that the slow-paced activity brings. “When you go camping, there’s really nothing to do,” he explained. “You listen attentively to each other and share personal stories that you couldn’t bring yourself to share before.”

After entering his thirties, Choi Woo Shik said that he hasn’t noticed any big changes. “I still feel like I’m 25 or 26. I’m trying to act like that on purpose,” he shared. “Since I’m the type to worry about a lot of things, I know that I’ll end up creating more problems if I recognize my own age. Everyone around me sees me as being in my thirties though. I’ve been told to start looking after my health and to get a check-up.”

He then added that he places more importance on mental health over physical health. “When I lie down to sleep, the inside of my head becomes loud,” he confessed. To gain control of his thoughts, he said that he focuses on his current work instead of worrying about the future.

Choi Woo Shik also noted the effects of meditation, which he first tried with Jung Yu Mi on the set of “Summer Vacation.” “When I looked in the mirror that time, I looked bright. When you think positive thoughts and practice gratitude, your face changes,” he said. “I’m kind of lazy, but I want to try to meditate more. It’s a relief to find more ways to take care of myself.”

Check out Choi Woo Shik in his film “Rosebud” below!

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