Bae Doona And Lee Joon Talk On The Radio About Filming New Series Together, Co-Star Gong Yoo Sends In Messages

Bae Doona appeared on Lee Joon’s radio show, while their co-star Gong Yoo took part in the conversation by sending in messages!

On January 4, Bae Doona appeared on “Lee Joon’s Young Street,” which was broadcast live beginning at 8:30 p.m. KST. Bae Doona, Lee Joon, Gong Yoo are currently filming the Netflix Original series “The Silent Sea,” which is produced by Jung Woo Sung. Meanwhile, Bae Doona is now promoting her French comedy film “#IAmHere.”

Bae Doona shared that she’d been hoping to come on Lee Joon’s radio show, expressing her gratitude over him having her on. About seeing Lee Joon in his role as a radio DJ that day, Bae Doona said, “He does a great job, he looks cool. He’s cool on set too but he’s got a bit more of a professional vibe now in a way.” She added that on set he feels like a younger brother.

When asked to name her most memorable role, Bae Doona said, “There are so many. I debuted through the 1999 film ‘The Ring.’ I’ve played a lot of characters since then so it would be hard to pick which one I love more or think of more, but I like characters that have given me my first experiences. I played a Korean exchange student who is really bad at singing in the film ‘Linda Linda Linda.’ I also like the film ‘As One.'”

Bae Doona spoke about how she loves to learn new things for roles. She said, “After playing roles that require me to learn something, I’ve become addicted to it. If I’m told that I need to learn something, then it makes me want to do it more. Éric Lartigau, the director of ‘#IAmHere,’ is a friend of mine. He said that I could learn French, so I immediately said I’d do it.”

She shared that she enjoys new experiences such as learning Spanish, French, table tennis, and archery. “Once you start making money, if you want to learn something without your parents’ support then you have to pay a lesson fee. But I think I’ve become addicted to learning things without having to spend money,” she said.

“When I went on trips with my French friends, they had to speak in English because of me,” she also said. “I felt bad about that, and I accepted the offer that allowed me to learn French. To be honest, I couldn’t master French because I was filming ‘Kingdom’ at the same time, and I just memorized the lines. Thankfully I’m not in the film much.”

Lee Joon shared some insights into Bae Doona, saying that he’s often touched by her big heart on set. “She gifted the staff with chairs with their names on them and even personally peels fruit. I’ve never seen someone like that while working before,” he said. “She has to film emotional scenes too and she’s an actor so she could be on edge but it’s amazing how she takes care of everyone. Personally I find it hard to just take care of myself.”

Bae Doona replied, “Of course there are times when I’m that way too, but I get a lot of comfort from the staff. I like the ‘The Silent Sea’ staff so much that I even miss them when I’m with them.”

Lee Joon shared that he’d eaten two bunches of the Shine Muscat grapes that Bae Doona had brought to set. Bae Doona said, “If I eat something and it’s delicious, then I bring it to set. I wanted us all to enjoy things like Shine Muscats and persimmons together. I’m happy that Lee Joon ate two bunches.”

Lee Joon also said about the cast of the film, “Our teamwork is so great,” sharing that they all listen to the radio show while in the town of Jeoksong.

Another highlight of the show was the messages that the pair received from Gong Yoo. “Leader Han, who is in the town of Jeoksong in Paju, has sent about 29 messages,” shared Lee Joon, referring to Gong Yoo as his character, the team leader Han Yoon Jae.

Bae Doona asked him, “Are you drinking alone?” Gong Yoo referred to her by her character name as he replied, “Dr. Song Ji Ahn! Stop talking about eating. You finally noticed me. To think that the both of you noticed Leader Han now,” making Lee Joon and Bae Doona laugh.

Gong Yoo kept sending in messages like, “Where is Dr. Song Ji Ahn’s knit sweater from? It’s pretty.” While he said that he wasn’t drinking alone, he later shared that he was drinking beer and said, “I can’t look away because I’m worried about Dr. Song who’s live on air.” Bae Doona told him to watch how much he drinks, reminding him that he had a 7 a.m. call time the next day.

Bae Doona also talked about her love for wine, sharing that she has over 100 bottles at home and enjoys spending some time healing while having one or two glasses a day. Gong Yoo wrote as a message, “For me, it’s white wine,” making fellow listeners laugh. When she shared that the thing she’d like to do this year is travel, Gong Yoo commented to share that he feels the same way.

The actress also expressed her affection for Lee Joon, saying, “My first impression of Lee Joon was that he was so cute. But now he’s really cool. He’s so professional and cool; he doesn’t goof around at all.”

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