Watch: ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo And Moonbin Share Embarrassing Stories From Doctor’s Visits + Dance To Girl Group Songs

On the latest episode of “Ask Us Anything,” ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo and Moonbin cracked up the cast with some embarrassing stories!

The two idols appeared as guests on the April 17 broadcast of the JTBC variety show, joining former announcers Jang Ye Won and Lee Hye Sung.

During the program’s signature guessing-game segment, Cha Eun Woo shared an amusing story about a recent music show performance. “You know how music shows film a ‘fancam’ of each member to post on social media along with the performance?” he asked. “After we were done filming everything, they uploaded all the other ASTRO members’ fancams, but they couldn’t upload mine.”

After Cha Eun Woo threw multiple hints the cast’s way, they were finally able to guess the correct reason: once the performance was over, everyone belatedly realized that Cha Eun Woo’s fly had been open the whole time.

“The performance was aired,” explained Cha Eun Woo, “but the fancam was never posted on YouTube. We recorded five different performances of the same song, but unfortunately, it wasn’t until the fifth performance that I happened to notice that my fly was open.”

He hilariously added, “The color of my underwear was also a problem. We have a lot of choreography where we reach up with our arms, and every time I did a move like that, my underwear peeked out and said hello.”

Meanwhile, for his own question, Moonbin asked the cast to guess a time when he felt really embarrassed. “Any other time, I would have been thrilled,” he hinted. “But at that moment, I was so embarrassed.”

After a flood of incorrect guesses, they finally arrived at the correct answer: Moonbin had been recognized at the doctor’s office right before a colonoscopy.

“I was done with the rest of my check-up and waiting for my colonoscopy when the doctor came in and spotted me,” he recalled. “I had just filmed a JTBC drama called ‘Moments of 18,’ and the doctor told me they’d really enjoyed watching it. I was really grateful, of course, but then they started asking me basic questions, like ‘What color was your stool today?’ and ‘Have you had any problems with flatulence?’ and I was so embarrassed.”

Moonbin made everyone burst out laughing as he went on, “So then they told me to lie on my side in the fetal position, and I was so embarrassed that I thought to myself, ‘I hope this is over quickly.’ But then, all of a sudden, they started playing an ASTRO song. On the inside, I was thinking, ‘Please turn it off.’ I felt so self-conscious.”

Cha Eun Woo then chimed in, “I have a similar story. I went to the doctor’s office to get a shot, and they told me they were a big fan, which made me feel really happy.”

“I thought for sure that I would be getting the shot in my butt, so I pulled down my pants,” he continued with an embarrassed laugh. “But as I was [taking them off], they said, ‘Oh, the shot will be going in your arm.'”

At another point in the episode, Moonbin showed off his talent for dancing to girl group songs, impressing the cast with covers of Sunmi’s “24 Hours,” ITZY’s “WANNABE,” Brave Girls’ “Rollin’,” and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In’s “Bloom.”

Check out the clip of Moonbin’s girl group dance cover medley below!

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