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Isn’t time flying too fast? It’s hard to believe that there are only four episodes of “Taxi Driver” left right now. The drama has been so much fun that six weeks went by in the blink of an eye! As we’re nearing the finale, episodes 11-12 of “Taxi Driver” delivered turning points and major reveals. There’s not much to laugh about in these episodes, which are really intense and emotional, but we get plenty of food for thought instead. Let’s take a closer look at four things we loved and two things we hated about episodes 11-12.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 11-12 ahead.

LOVED: Kim Do Gi reflecting on his actions

Although highly cathartic, Rainbow Taxi blowing up Park Yang Jin (Baek Hyun Jin)’s data center in episode 8 was a questionable act since it put people’s lives in danger, so I’m relieved that the drama addressed this issue in episode 11. The lines between a vigilante and a major criminal are blurry, and it doesn’t take much to cross over to the dark side. Kim Do Gi (Lee Je Hoon), though, proves that he won’t let himself be overcome by evil as he’s reflecting on his actions and setting himself some boundaries. It’s great to see Kim Do Gi has realized that he was blinded by his thirst for revenge and is regretting what he did.

LOVED: Kang Ha Na and Kim Do Gi’s confrontation

The drama is finally delving into the main conflict we’ve been waiting for ever since Prosecutor Kang Ha Na (Esom) became suspicious of the mysterious deluxe taxi. While Kang Ha Na represents the law, Kim Do Gi and his team stand for the lawless, so the clash was inevitable. During the tense face-off, both defend their respective standpoints with highly provocative remarks that hurt. Nonetheless, there’s some truth in their words, which is why they each ponder on their intentions and convictions after separating.

But the confrontation wasn’t only rewarding for Kim Do Gi and Kang Ha Na, it also made us viewers think a lot. Whose version of justice is correct? Is there even such a thing as a correct version? What would be the best punishment for criminals and how could one achieve it?

To lift up the heavy mood, here’s a GIF from the drama’s latest behind-the-scenes clip that shows Lee Je Hoon stroking Esom’s hair after filming their face-off. It’s simply too beautiful and cute to not mention!

HATED: Wang Min Ho’s death

Kang Ha Na is put on a murder case without a body, and while the culprit is known, they can’t convict him due to lack of evidence. Ha Na thus makes a deal with an acquaintance of the culprit and asks him to find out how the victim’s body disappeared. The acquaintance succeeds and calls Ha Na, but suddenly finds himself in a dire situation and has to run for his life. Therefore, Ha Na and her assistant, Inspector Wang Min Ho (Lee Yoo Joon), rush over to the scene. Wang Min Ho arrives first, and when Ha Na arrives as well, she discovers her assistant’s body.

Inspector Wang’s death took me by surprise, and it was utterly heartbreaking to see Kang Ha Na so devastated. But on a positive note, Esom really got her moment to shine, and this scene proves that she’s a top actress with her immersive performance.

LOVED: Kang Ha Na hiring Rainbow Taxi

Together with Wang Min Ho, Kang Ha Na’s pride and belief in the law also dies. It’s really sad that it had to come to this for her to give in to Kim Do Gi and his version of justice, but at least we can say that her assistant’s death wasn’t in vain as it marks a major turning point for the prosecutor. She isn’t hostile towards Kim Do Gi anymore and is now open to truly listen to him.

Once again, the culprit is known, but there’s no evidence, so Ha Na’s hands as a prosecutor are tied. Due to her hopeless situation, she ultimately turns to Kim Do Gi and asks Rainbow Taxi to avenge Wang Min Ho’s death in her stead.

LOVED: Kang Ha Na apologizing to Kim Do Gi

Kang Ha Na, who had to learn the hard way how to truly empathize with crime victims, comes to realize what a deeply empathetic person Kim Do Gi is and thus apologizes for her hurtful words during their previous face-off. Through this, she shows real character strength, for she isn’t afraid to admit to her faults. I’m really curious about the destination her character development will lead her to. Will she enter a long-time cooperation with Rainbow Taxi and maybe even join them for good? Or will she take action to improve the judicial system?

HATED: Baek Sung Mi’s betrayal

The culprit of the murder case without a body turns out to be none other than the twin brother of Loan Shark Baek Sung Mi (Cha Ji Yeon)’s right-hand man, Goo Seok Tae (Lee Ho Chul). When Rainbow Taxi finds out the cruel truth behind the missing body and discovers the hideout of the twins’ organ trafficking ring, Rainbow Taxi’s boss Jang Sung Chul (Kim Eui Sung) confronts the loan shark lady about the situation. Baek Sung Mi seems utterly shocked about her assistant killing civilians for organ harvesting and vows to take revenge with Rainbow Taxi’s help. But the end of episode 12 reveals her as the true mastermind behind everything as she tricks Rainbow Taxi and flees, taking all the criminals from her private prison with her.

Baek Sung Mi’s laughter when she tells Jang Sung Chul the truth through the phone is truly spine-chilling and makes one really anxious about Rainbow Taxi’s fate since she’s a real threat to them. The loan shark lady is without a doubt a very strong antagonist, and it will be really interesting to see how Rainbow Taxi will bring her down in the coming episodes.

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